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Calling All Sissies & Crossdressers

Do you like dressing up? Being made to feel like a very pretty girl? Perhaps it’s the humiliation that comes with wearing panties? Bloom into the girl you are with Mistress Star! With years of experience training and coaching in the world of cross dressing, be it prissy sissies in their pink dresses learning to perform the perfect curtsey or the cross dresser who wants to be more convincing in their dressing Mistress Star has left her mark on a range of kinksters.

From those who have submitted to her there is a universal comment; She is tough. She is strict but she delivers noticeable results and happy improvements.

In the past Mistress Star has showcased sissies and CDs she has trained. You may have seen the “Dancing Barbie”, or the sophisticated and confident Lana who took her journey to permanently living as a woman, or the several ‘Sissy Showcase’ events which have featured everyone’s favourite bimbo sissy Jasmine. All under the study of Mistress Star.

The variety of these events is what makes them special. Some are focused on helping people move forward with their transitioning and others are exploring the humiliation and submission of the sissy role. But they have something in common: everyone featured has been trained under Mistress Star’s watchful eye. That means they are only permitted into their respective live events when their performances warranted an audience. Mistress Star approved of course!

Girly Boy Mug

So, what’s next??? The Feminisation Showcase Event

This is Mistress Stars latest and most ambitious plan yet!

“I love putting my girls into live events, for them it is a nervous and challenging experience but that serves to really focus them during their training. Knowing you will get some fairly harsh correction from me if you mess up as I train you but also that in a few weeks you will be in front of a live audience performing everything we have practiced, required to be completely obedient and presented in a way I am pleased with certainly focuses the minds of those who put themselves forward.” 
Mistress Star Signature


Mistress Star went on to say about sissies and crossdressers….

"For me seeing people grow is a massive reward, sometimes this can be a sissy who has perfected their curtsey, or they might be heading towards transition who literally can see their appearance and mannerisms become more convincingly feminine week by week. I know I am a strict Mistress; it is the only way I know, but it does bring out the best in those that sign up with me and I think it is time to move to the next level.

That’s why I would like to create an entire show of feminised entertainment, a showcase of what training and dominance can do but also a showcase of the talents and skills that those who take part can achieve. I see my next plan as almost a recipe with ingredients including completely sissified performers, the big dresses, the smiles and the perfect curtseys and mincing movements, several cross-dressed dancing performers and I even want to take a cross-dresser, possibly someone heading to transition and make them sophisticated and confident enough to be my co-host for the event.

Ultimately this is a HUGE and ambition undertaking, the world is full of people who talk about doing things like this with far fewer prepared to take the plunge and submit to their desires – talk is cheap, I want something real. Don’t bemoan the fact that you cannot find a Mistress or receive dominance because THIS event sets the challenge."

Stop thinking and daydreaming about it and take the plunge into reality.


Mistress Star is now taking applications for the categories shown below:

  • Prissy Sissies – Must have their own sissy clothing

  • Performing Crossdressers

  • A CD or Trans woman happy to become a co-host with Mistress Star

Are you interested? Contact Mistress Star today!

Successful applicants will be trained through weekly, online sessions with Mistress Star over a four (4) week period. Tasks will be set between sessions so expect to be kept busy. Finally, a show will take place before a live audience online on the BoundBDSM Discord server for you and her to show off exactly what a wonderfully obedient girl you’ve become in just 30-days.

For those wondering what might be in store there is a full history of all Mistress Star’s (and all of the other BoundBDSM Mistresses) events in the BoundBDSM Premium Subscription Area which can be accessed from the BoundBDSM website –

What do you need to do to secure your spot?

  • A participation fee of £ 70 / $85 per person is required, no exceptions. You will receive in exchange, four (4) training sessions that include tasks, intimate dominating direction, and 1-on-1 weekly training with the lovely Mistress Star. This breaks down to only £ 17 / $22 per session with this experienced Professional Femdom, but the experience will be priceless!

Want to ensure this event happens?

  • Well, that’s up to you. If you are a Crossdresser or sissy and want this bad enough, you’ll apply now. If Mistress Star doesn’t receive enough applicants, this life-changing, smutty, entertaining event won’t materialize.

There are two ways to apply:

  1. Join our discord server from our homepage and simply enquire within the ‘Applications’ channel on the Discord Server. If you need assistance open up a ticket.

  2. Complete the ‘Contact Us’ form from the website - or email us directly at


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