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Welcome One, Welcome All!


This is All for Love Coaching, I am Anneke Jo Elmhirst (she/her), I am a life coach and educator based out of Pittsburgh, PA.

I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, working on becoming a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. I have an undergraduate degree in linguistics and education, as well as a Master’s in behavior analysis

In my personal life I am polyamorous, I enjoy kink and I am passionate about helping other people enjoy their life experiences.

I've worked with autistic children/adolescents since 2015 but when my job took a distinctly administrative and bureaucratic turn I decided to make the jump into coaching where I felt I could make a bigger positive impact on people's lives.

My work with neurodivergent individuals has greatly informed my practice and philosophy. Not only do I have a greater appreciation for the diversity of the human experience, I also have extensive training in strategies like motivational interviewing and self-reporting techniques.


I approach coaching through a trauma-informed lens and am constantly educating myself further on various mental health topics.

I welcome any and all suggestions on how to make my practice more accessible and inclusive.

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What On Earth Is Coaching?

In short, I enable people of all genders and orientations to find new relationships, improve current ones, increase their satisfaction in intimate relationships of all kinds.

Through identifying your personal needs, goals and values we will develop a personalized plan to bring your life more in line with all three.

Whether you're looking for coffee dates, play partners or life partners I can help you find and develop the most fulfilling relationships possible.

My Services & Specialities - Where I Differ From Most

Firstly I can offer standard life coaching to cover any aspect of your life and any goals you wish to achieve. You will find many people on the internet advertising this service and I am very happy to provide coaching in a general sense.

Where I differ to most is that I specialise in Kink, LGBT+ and Polyamorous relationships utilising both my personal and professional experience. Within this specialist approach I can help you improve your relationships, face the inhibitions you feel within your sexual experiences and work with you to achieve your goals.

I specialize in relationships, especially nontraditional ones such as LGBTQ+, polyamory, and kink. I've been a member of all of these communities for years and working in human services for just as long.

I use a variety of methods, both in-session and as homework to determine how your relationship with yourself is impacting your relationship with others. Then we work to identify points of strength and points for improvement on both sides - your internal and external relationships.

What is a Relationship?

I define a successful relationship as one that fulfills a specific niche of needs and desires. No one relationship can or should fulfill you completely - as humans we require a vast network of connections to be happy and live comfortably, from our family to our friends to our partners to the cashier at the grocery store.

Sometimes these relationships do not flow naturally. Environmental, interpersonal or internal factors can cause our relationships to break down or prevent us from finding them in the first place.

With coaching we work together to identify these pain points as well as your core needs and create a plan to overcome them together.

How Do You Specialize in Such a Thing?

I'll be honest, it's an ongoing learning process that will never be fully complete. My approach centers around the uniqueness of every identity and human being as well as our inherent commonalities.

I'm going to ask a cisgender person in a heterosexual relationship the exact same questions I will ask a genderfluid person in an LGBTQ+ relationship because I believe that nothing about our lives or experiences should be taken for granted or assumed.

Part of developing an intersectional practice is constant education on the vast variety of identities that comprise our communities. I work to continually accrue knowledge and experience of identities that are not my own and when a client brings me new information, I incorporate it into my framework.

How Do I Hire You?

You can complete my 'Contact form' below.


Once received I will review the form and be in contact with you, we then have a brief, free, chemistry discussion before you fully commit to my services.

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Disclaimer: Coaching is not a mental health service. If you are experiencing distressing mental health symptoms, please contact a medical professional or, in an emergency, 911 or your local equivalent.

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