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Amber's Story - online service and chastity sub to Mistress Star

Ambers story and how it all happened.

My story and everything that has happened so far with Mistress Star.

I first joined Mistress Star on April 4th, when I first joined I joined with the thought of exploring my female side and what it is to me. This led to weeks of work to work out if amber was a sissy headspace, or a female headspace. After training I came to realize it's a female headspace and that I was gender fluid.

Before joining Mistress Star I had been playing with chastity and my longest lock up was 28 days. Once in my first lock up with Mistress Star we got to 58 days before my release. Omg i have to say i felt naked when i had taken it off. That first orgasm was the most powerful thing I had experienced to that point. But was soon to be beaten.

Once we had a good understanding of Amber and who she is, Mistress Star and myself decided we would explore my submission and what that means to me. Little to my knowledge this would be the biggest change and challenge I would experience. It contains new headspaces I had never felt. It also contained finding out what submission is to me and what type of Domme i need/ want going forward.

While with Mistress Star I had the pleasure of being in the BoundBDSM 1 year event. Mistress Star decided to showcase her subs there, the way she decided to show me off was by having me show off my dildo sucking skills. This was a first for me. I had never done this before for others. It was honestly amazing and it made me realize how much of a exhibitionist

that I am. It also brought out a slutty side I didn't know I had.

While with Mistress Star I had my 24th birthday. I had asked for a release from my chastity that came across me begging. So she decided not to grant it. In the end Mistress Star did grant me my best present. She gave me a 2hr 1-1, during this Mistress Star had me cry happy tears for the first time in 8 years. I will forever remember this.

While with Mistress Star I had my fair share of punishments, I was new and was learning. The punishment I most remember was being spanked while having my lovense toy in. Mistress Star wanted me to experience pain and pleasure at the same time. The paddle Mistress Star wanted me to use is a paddle that can puncture skin if used right. Once the punishment was done she had me go into public and made me say a saying out loud over and over while the toy was working in my bum and every mistake i made i had to spank myself 5 times.

While with Mistress Star i had the most powerful Sissy orgasm i have ever had. My whole body was numb for about 1 hr.

Right now i am in my 2nd lock up with Mistress Star and on day 57 with no end in sight. Mistress Star owns my chastity and everything i do with it. She controls my manhood.

Mistress Star is scary as hell and you do not want to displease her, she is very strict and firm and has high standards. But let me tell you this you will never have a Domme who cares about you as much as Mistress Star. she doesn’t just care about your kink life she also cares about you as a human being. Every little task she sets has a purpose you won't know what it is when she sets them but they all help you grow.

I owe the biggest thanks in the world to Mistress Star. She has changed my life for the better and I am proud to be her sub and to call her my Domme. So a big thank you to Mistress Star for giving me this amazing opportunity.


Thanks for sharing this amber, hope you're growth continues, best of luck on your journey

Aug 23, 2023
Replying to

your welcome bondage its been a lot of fun and its been nice having my slave brother with me. i hope you get to keep seeing my journey and growth.

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