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I am Mistress Star.

I have lived a full time (24/7) BDSM lifestyle for over a decade, all day every day. I am also an online, bisexual Pro Dom always on the lookout for new willing submissives to play with.

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"Be careful what you wish for."

I am a strict and demanding, not for the faint hearted and not for those who live under the misunderstanding that they have control over the outcome of the time they spend with me. To serve me is to fully submit, to understand that your humiliation and comfort are no longer your own as you learn to crave the pleasure of my pleasing.

Through my Discord based services I, Mistress Star, train slaves, sissies, puppies and others to be obedient and to understand that instructions are to be followed without question. I train in feminisation from being forced to waiting, to be as real feminine with feminine traits and mannerisms. To serve Mistress Star is to know your place and know what blind obedience means regardless of your pain, discomfort or levels of humiliation.

Make no mistake I am sadistic both physically and emotionally, set your limits carefully as anything you miss will be used to bring you to your knees.

As well as being an experienced and sadistic dominant I am also an event organiser and presenter, BDSM business owner, experienced rigger and humiliation expert.


Want to book a session or serve me?

I aim to provide services which are professional but are also affordable, my lowest priced services are designed to be cheaper than spending the same amount of time in a pub or coffee shop.

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