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I am Priestess Payne.

I am a Pro-Domme/ Professional Dominatrix, Fetish Artist, BDSM Coach (for singles, couples, and polycules), and Sacred Sadist - Priestess of Pain. 

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"Bring on the meaningful pain!"

I have 15 years in the lifestyle, and have worked blissfully as a Pro-Domme for over five years. I'm a sadistic bitch, a playful predator, a twisted mind, but I have a kind and nurturing heart. I'm as open & authentic as they come, so feel free to inquire politely.

I love to laugh, and to let my creative, mystic, visionary side roam as I possess you.

I fully enjoy dominating both men and women. I love to take control and have you at my feet regardless of your gender/gender identity. I like to have lots of fun, am very enthusiastic, but nevertheless am quite a sadist.

If you wish to serve me be aware: Being masochistic is a plus, and being submissive is a must. Understand- I am NOT a 'soft' Domme, and do not do strictly 'sensual sessions'. If that is what you seek, I am not the Domme for you. But most importantly, I do not provide sexual domination.


In my professional domme-work ALL sessions are CFNM, as that accentuates the the form of power exchange, and the fact that your body, and mind are MY canvas. My body on the other hand, is off limits.

I believe that establishing a rapport, mutual respect, trust and connection are imperative for providing & experiencing unique & memorable experiences with true depth.

I get off on getting inside a person's head, and figuring out what makes them tick. That is a large part of my motivation as a Domme, both professionally and personally. I am a extremely versatile in my style and am an experienced Pro-Domme & Fetish Artist.

I facilitate sessions in the Lock & Key Dungeon owned by the lovely Sadisticsweet. I recently began to work with individuals, couples & polycules as a Lifestyle/BDSM coach.


Want to book a session or serve me?

Let me look deep into your darkness and bring you to the light of my sacred domination and control over you.

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