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Welcome to the House of Damnation

What wickedness lies this way?

Only time will tell when you enter the virtual House of Damnation. If you thought you had submitted before, think again. Let our devious Dominants of the House of Damnation lead you further down than you have ever been before. It's hot like fire but you will learn to crave the flames we wield to OUR desires...

Can you handle the heat? Because we like it HOT!

Do you have what it takes... push your limits...

Fire Flames moving gif

to their DEPTHS?

The House is a place for sadistic Mistresses, edge players, masochists & serious slaves. You have been warned.

Within The House you will find...

Free events
Ticketed live demonstrations
Most importantly the ability to become a slave to Us & have your slavery fantasies become a reality.

The House Mistress
Mistress Star
You can read more about Mistress Star
 under Meet the Mistresses

Do you dare? 

House of Damnation Logo go deeper down... 

Become a Damnation Slave
Experience slavery on the Mistresses terms

Live slave sessions every week

Explore your darkest desires

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