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If you've read about us, you will know that when BoundBDSM was first created it had four primary goals:

  1. Create a BDSM community to promote and educate healthy power exchange dynamics.

  2. Provide ‘Guaranteed Scam-Free’ professional BDSM services.

  3. Provide kink-based entertainment.

  4. Offer real kinkster tested BDSM gear and equipment at fair prices.

As BoundBDSM approaches its latest birthday most people who interact with us will be familiar with what we do to fulfill our first three aims. We run weekly live events that range from sex education to entertainment. We cover everything from the essentials of consent all the way through to advanced play like needle play, CBT, and psychological domination with healthy dollops of sissy entertainment often thrown in. Customer Service

Our BoundBDSM Mistresses are constant fixtures on our Discord server and our website is packed full of blogs and information covering a wide array of kinks and fetishes. Recently we have also added the Bound: Top to Bottom (T2b) podcast on Apple and Spotify, to our wheelhouse to extend our motto of being ‘The Home of All Things Kink’.

With our first goals progressing nicely we feel it’s time to focus on our fourth goal.

Back before we launched BoundBDSM we were a standard kinky couple and as all kinky couples know this tends to lead to some specialised shopping. Unlike most couples we also were importers of all sorts of things through our other business ventures, so we not only had some understanding of the kink retail market we also understood the wholesale market. We had contact with suppliers here in Europe and further afield in places like China.

Mistress Star recalls…

"With some simple investigation and a few questions to a few contacts we very quickly because aware of the mark-ups the large companies were applying to their BDSM stock and from that we wanted a core of BDSM essentials which were reasonably priced and more accessible to people. We also recognised as a small company we would never be able to hold the range of items that the larger retailers like LoveHoney and Lovense hold so we decided on a two-pronged approach."

She explains further…

"For the essentials we sourced our own stock, some from local suppliers and some as imports, on these items we sought to be the lowest priced retailer in the market which was easy to achieve when your head office is your living room, and your storage facility is your garage.

To give us a breadth of stock we became affiliate retailers for some of the larger companies mentioned earlier. That means we have been able to pass on discounts to people like you, who shop through our affiliate links."


We have now updated our website and all our retail pages which we have just wrapped up. For the essentials – gags, hoods, bondage tape, rope etc. we have our store pages. We have our affiliate links with LoveHoney and Lovense meaning you can access their full range of stock through our website and frequently take advantage of the discounts they offer via their affiliate schemes.

To check out our new look pages just follow the links below:

And for all other content including our blogs, access to our Discord server and details of the BoundBDSM Mistresses just go to our homepage - Home | BoundBDSM Discord


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