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BoundBDSM Events in August - and a new Discord server launch

There is a lot still to come in August from BoundBDSM. On our main Discord server Isabella Dollish, Ms Kitten and Mistress Star still have events they are hosting and our new partner server - The Temple of Payne hosts its first events as well as being a great place to meet Priestess Payne.

To join the main BoundBDSM community Discord server simply click the Discord link on our homepage To join the Temple of Payne services follow the link on Priestess Payne's homepage Temple of Payne | BoundBDSM

Our full schedule for the rest of August

18 Aug / 19th for the UK - Meet Priestess Payne - The official launch event for the Temple of Payne Discord server

23 Aug - Welcome to Kink with Ms Kitten - Workshop hosted on the BoundBDSM Discord server

25 Aug - Dominance and Submission session with Mistress Star - Your chance to actually be part of a live BDSM session - Hosted on the BoundBDSM Discord server

31 Aug - Isabella Dollish live from the Oasis event - Join Isabella as she puts on a show live from Vegas.

September is shaping up to be our busiest ever month with events every week on both the BoundBDSM and Temple of Payne Discord servers.


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