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Home to Priestess Payne

Welcome to the Temple of Payne, my sanctuary of Sacred BDSM.

I am a Professional Dominatrix, Sacred  sadist, fetish artist, playful predator, and Priestess of Divine Agonies.

I offer in person and online sessions, as well as BDSM Coaching for submissives and Dominants alike. 

I have been a Pro-Domme since 2016 and active in the lifestyle since 2008. Domination is no mere vocation; it is my lifestyle, my career, my art form, & my sacred calling in life. I believe that there is deep and profound healing to be found in the energetic exchange of pain and Domination for those brave enough to seek it.  I work out of the Lock And Key Dungeon in Dallas Texas.  All of my sessions are CFNM, as it emphasizes the imbalance of power in my favor. I delight in torturing all, regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, or orientation. 

My honorific is Priestess; as a Priestess is an initiator, a healer, and a guide who helps you get in touch with your inner desires, needs, and intuition. 

I also enjoy online Domination; by removing aspects such as physical sensation, the psychological dimensions of Domination and submission are emphasized. I delight in chastity and humiliation sessions online, extracting every ounce of cruel obedience from your frustrations, fear and servitude.

If you think you are worthy to enter the Temple, you may apply to serve me. Surrender yourself to me fully, and I will fulfil your darkest fantasies, and bring you to the sacred agony and ecstasy, passion and purpose that is the Temple of Payne.


◇ Enter the Temple ◇
♥︎ Surrender to the Sacred 


My services, my Discord server & Bound BDSM


My Online & In person Services

Click my image to explore my in-person and online services.


I offer in person sessions in Denton, Tx  from my dungeon chambers and around the world with my online slavery and submission services.


Temple of Payne Discord server

Join the Temple of Payne Discord server. Click the image above to join, it is free to use my server where you can meet myself and other BoundBDSM Mistresses, attend the free BDSM events that we run.



Click the BoundBDSM Logo for access to our Community Discord server with over 3000 kinkster members, other Bound Mistresses, blogs, products and more.

Want to see more of me & the other BoundBDSM Mistresses at play?

See Images and Video content of myself and other BoundBDSM Mistresses plus access to all our past event recordings, subscriber discounts and more

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