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Isabella Dollish paddle

I am Isabella Dollish.

I am a peddler in the delights of the Power Exchange Relationship. I am a Pro Domme, a Pro Switch, a Pro Sub and as such all Dreams are within our reach. In addition, I offer online and in real life services too.

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"Buckle up! You’re in for a ride!!"

Hello My Pretty Pretties! Join me on a magic carpet ride to the actualization of your Dreams. I have the key to your future, the pain that you need to feel the love in the world around you. Unconditional, genuine, and pure as white Lilies.

You may address me as 'Miss Bella' or 'Isabella' as you see I’m a Switch and as I prefer to be a pure hedonist I find the joyous cocktail that is Switch Space.

Remember your manners! I am a Service Sensual Sadomasochist. And in conjunction with my degree In Psychology I will discover your true desires as you will want naught but to submit to me AND the magic of your dreams. All traits are on a spectrum and as such I can provide the lightest player lots of cuddles and positive interactions to the most severe beating.


Remember my precious, my favorite is CBT, both in Psych and BDSM. I do not sell sex nor allow sexual touching. Limits? It’s easier to tell you what I won’t do so just ask, but only if you can handle 'No' for an answer.

I do have corrections training too (intimately know the criminal mind) don’t you dare try to swindle me or you’ll lose access to me. In other words, best not to harm ANYONE including yourself in my circle. 

Note: Being a Pro does not mean I am a prostitute. I do not sell sex nor sexual touching.


Want to book a session or serve me?

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to enjoy kink. Let's connect!

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