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There is no doubt that crossdressing and the sissy aspects of play form a big part of the world of BDSM. A quick review of Fetlife groups shows the sheer volume of people who partake in these activities, one of the groups has over 35 thousand members and many others have over 20 thousand members around the world and yet it remains under represented in terms of instruction and training.

By virtue of the number of people interested in this area it really is mainstream BDSM yet you will find far more blogs, videos etc about subjects such as rope play and bondage than you will on the subjects of cross dressing.

The world of cross dressing and sissy is a broad spectrum which may account for its under representation, people from either end of the spectrum may feel they have very little in common aside from wearing the clothing of the opposite gender. Some dress as an identity whilst others dress because they derive a sense of submission or humiliation from the act.

When we decided we would like to offer a 4 week training course covering feminisation we felt the idea had potential, simply because of the numbers of people with an interest in this area…..that was the easy part, then the key question sat before us:-

What should be covered in Feminisation Training?

  • Wearing certain clothing is an obvious starting point, but tuition on how to wear it well and what to select needs inclusion

  • Where to find the right clothing and accessories

  • How to become more feminine in movement and gestures

  • Growing confidence in your appearance to the point where you feel more comfortable in front of others in your ability

After the basic points our research indicates many or even most crossdressers want to be instructed by a firm and quite demanding trainer, Mistress Star we felt was very qualified for this position with her experience in training chastity slaves and demanding their completion of the tasks she sets for them

In the next week or so we are holding several discussions on our Discord server with our members who like to cross dress to get their input on the content we will include, a final check of the training plan will follow and then, in Early to mid November we will announce the commencement of enrolment for our Feminisation Training Course. The course will have its own section on the website with blogs and testimonials written by the students as they progress.


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