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Updates to Subscription Area

By the end of the 16th September all of the content below will be uploaded to the subscription area.

There are now just 3 days left of our free trial period which expires on the 19th. In the next 2 weeks we will upload all of our remaining historical content for those who subscribe with us.

Subscription has been priced at £4 (about US$5) per month and the funds raised will cover the cost of data storage and the production of our free events. Without your support we are limited in what we can provide to you, thank you to everyone who has subscribed so far.

Video Content

Isabella Dollish Bedtime Sordies 2 Full Live Event

Priestess Payne Sounding Video

Priestess Payne Impact Play Video

D20Domme Obedience Training Slideshow – Full Live Event recording

Rope Info and Wrist Cuff Tutorial Video

Isabella Dollish Bedtime Sordies 1

Live Mummifcation Event

Priestess Payne Impact Play Video 2

Chastity Hell Hour

Rope Tutorial Mermaid Tail

Priestess Payne Electro Play Video

Priestess Payne Puppy Play Video

Isabella Dollish driving video

Miss Kitten Aftercare workshop

Isabella Dollish Bedtime Sordies

Isabella Dollish Pool Party Event

Isabella Dollish Live from Oasis ft slave_Bondage

Image Galleries

10 New Priestess Payne Images

5 New Priestess Payne images 9th September

Audio Content

Maryanne BDSM Safety live event

Interview with a cuckquean

Interview with a Life coach Poly, kink and LGBT

Interview 1950s reversed household

Interview with Mistress Star – Subscriber Exclusive

Interview with a Female Masochist

Interview with Claws and Tawse BDSM Club

Interview with a Female Bull

Interview with Isabella Dollish 1

Ms Kitten – BDSM 101 Event recording

Interview with a Young Bull

Interview with a Bull

Interview with an emotional masochist

Isabella Dollish Interview Pt2

Interview with a Female Masochist


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