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The Great Locktober Lockup with Priestess Payne and Mistress Star

Priestess Payne and Mistress Star are celebrating Locktober in some style this year.

Starting with a live event on Thursday 19th October they will take a group of willing chastity slaves, lock them away and make their period of denial as difficult as possible with tasks, exposure on their Discord servers and other tests of obedience. all culminating in a second event on the 29th October where we will learn who performed well, who struggled, who pleased their keyholders and possibly who did not.

In the largest and most spectacular chastity event to date on the BoundBDSM Discord servers those locked by the Mistresses will be visible in the live events and over the 9 days of their confinement.

The first event, 19 October, is on the BoundBDSM server which you can join here

The second event, 29th October, will be held on the Temple of Payne Discord server which you can join here

Between the events the chastity slaves will complete tasks on both servers as well as writing blogs providing insights into their time with the two Mistresses.

Both events are free to attend and everyone is welcome to attend and follow The Great Locktober Lockup.

As well as the Discord servers you can discover more about BoundBDSM on our website


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