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The Damnation House Slave'a'thon

The House of Damnation is a High Protocol Mistress Slave Discord server which is run by Mistress Star and Mistress Kitten. The server offers a general BDSM, chat area, free events, live demonstrations by the Mistresses and the option to subscribe and serve the Mistresses in multiple sessions every week. It is very much a area for the more experienced slave and for those who are serious about serving, the Mistresses are strict and demanding, the expectations are high and with edge play added to the training subscribing is an intense experience.

In addition to everything the server offers the 'Slave'a'thon' will launch in February. The Slave'a'thon is essentially a competition to find the most obedient and competent slave on the server, it is free to enter with rewards for those who progress through each of the 4 rounds of competition. Entrants are allowed to cover their faces and are expected to be obedient and willing to serve if they wish to progress through the rounds.

If you wish to enter the Slave'a'thon simply join the House of Damnation server and register in the channel dedicated to applications once you have read and agreed to the entry criteria.

For those who do not wish to enter the event some of the rounds will form events which will run on the server providing demonstrations from the Mistresses each week.

Joining the House of Damnation Discord server is free, simply click the Discord link on the website Damnation House Home | BoundBDSM


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