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Nine days in Chastity with Miss Bella by dreamweaver dolly

Where do I start? I guess that's obvious, right? I'm pretty new to the scene and after years of not being brave enough to take the first few steps. I finally took a Brave Pill and altered my Fetlife account to show my true status as a submissive man seeking education, a Domina, and the chance to explore my desires. I'd been interested in chastity for a while with the thought to saving myself exclusively for my partner. I found an excellent company on the internet and after careful consideration purchased myself a cage and started experimenting with self-locking.

Oh Damn! Did I enjoy wearing this thing! I started small.......well actually started small and then too big to put the damn thing on until I'd chilled out a bit, but I digress. I mean I tried a few hours, then a full day, then a night, then at work, then a few days in a row etc you get the picture. Every day I'd get home and unlock myself for a shower and half the time well, you know how it goes!

Clearly, I needed a keyholder. Why not your partner dude? Well, she's not a Domina, quite the opposite in fact and without outside help I'd be back to self-locking. So back to Fetlife and on the hunt for a keyholder I was! Now, I probably don't need to tell any guy who's in a similar position to me just how many fake “Professional Dominatrixes” are out there desperate to get you to empty your wallet with gift cards etc. You know the ones, right? “Oh, come to A. N. Other chat group and we'll talk freely, send me pictures, give me cash, I'll dominate you hard” etc etc.

It was starting to get a little tiresome, if I'm honest, and then I saw Mistress Star from BoundBDSM advertising a discord server and offering amongst other things a key holding service. Quickly, I joined the server and very soon I was talking to this fantastic woman whom I now call Miss Bella.

We chatted freely on the server discussing my situation, lack of experience, and so on. Pretty soon we were discussing the option of trying out her chastity taster course which was a nine day thing. Nothing ventured nothing gained right? Miss Bella had been so kind and understanding in our conversation, I quickly signed up!

We didn't start immediately of course. There was a good and thorough exchange of information as we learned about each other. We spent a great deal of time discussing the most important stuff like reasons for getting into chastity, what I was hoping for, each other’s desires, and limits and learning about our lifestyles. You know all that stuff the money grabbers aren't bothered about but are actually the very foundation blocks of a healthy and productive Sub/Dom relationship.

After all of this, I finally had my first face to face meeting with Miss Bella, well Video chat at least seeing as there is a small issue of the Atlantic Ocean between us! To say I was nervous was an understatement but Miss Bella was so lovely and understanding, very keen to listen to my ramblings and was entirely fantastic. I just melted knowing full well I'd made a really good decision and been really lucky to find such a great person to be the custodian of my keys. I was tasked with filling in a BDSM inventory and we arranged the date for my nine day taster to begin.

To say I was nervous and excited on the big day was an understatement, however, I diligently prepared myself and after spending the previous few days up to zero hour chatting with Miss Bella I really Could. Not. Wait. We had our video chat, I was incarcerated, and given a list of tasks I would need to perform whist I no longer owned my junk. Most of these revolved around keeping my beautiful partner well and happy, after all the main reason I'm into this is to save myself for her. And I also received tasks involving writing, studying, and discovering more about this lifestyle and the world of kink/BDSM in general. Miss Bella wants me to become a better person and a better lover to my partner. She really gives a damn about making sure that happens!

Over the course of my nine days in servitude to Miss Bella, combined with the fantastic community at BoundBDSM, I develop my knowledge and confidence to a point I hardly recognise the scared boy I was not a few months ago. As I now feel like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of what I was, flying in wonder and excitement into this new world I am being so expertly prepared for. I sit here at my PC writing this piece after having being locked up for the entire nine days a better man, grateful for the fortune of having crossed paths with this remarkable lady.

Of course, I requested to continue my servitude to Miss Bella! In nine days, she has helped transformed me into something I always wanted to be but was so scared to become.

I am so excited for the future and what it holds!

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17 mag 2023

Very good read dolly 🍭 thank you for writing it. Glad Miss Bella🍭 had helped you grow and learn more about who you are here to more growing and learning. 🥰🍭

Mi piace

Very well done dolly, your partner and you deserve happiness, glad that Miss Bella is there to help you out. A really good read

Mi piace

Congratulations on your successful beginnings and finding a caring Domme to guide you

Mi piace
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