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I have been a chastity slave to Mistress Star for 3 weeks, i have previously been in contracted chastity but never anything as interactive or strict as the service Mistress Star offers.

As chastity slaves we are expected to be highly respectful and obedient to Mistress Star and to follow all of her rules when in her Discord chatrooms, in our meetings with her and in the completion of all of the tasks that Mistress Star sets for us which allow us to earn points towards our temporary release, in my case i need to earn 35 points to be allowed a 3 hour release before being locked away again.

After 2 weeks i had completed all of the tasks Mistress Star had set for me and attended all of the meetings each week, through these efforts i had reached 28 points, so release at 35 points was becoming a reality and in truth i was desperate to achieve this. Although i am not new to chastity it is so much more frustrating when someone else holds the keys and especially when they are as strict and demanding as Mistress Star is. I was finding myself nervous before every conversation with Mistress Star and desperate to please her and earn my points.

Mistress Star had set me a task to review images she had provided to me, i had to express why i was not worthy of pleasing the women pictured and how that gave being in chastity a specific status. I had to complete this task with another chastity slave within the discord server and Mistress Star would then review a summary of our discussion which we had to leave for her. We duly discussed the images which was humiliating, having to literally write why we were not worthy to be with those pictured, we left our comments for Mistress Star but we failed to write a summary for her as we were instructed.

At our review meeting Mistress Star was angry that we had made her do extra work and failed to fully complete our task, we sat in silence both fearful of what was to follow. As i was approaching a 3 hour release Mistress Star decided to make me write 100 lines (and they were long lines) detailing how i must pay full attention to Mistress Star and meet her expectations fully if i wished to achieve maximum points and be granted my release. Ironically the lines took over 2 hours to write meaning the time i would have experienced my relief was literally spent undertaking my punishment which only served to intensify my frustration further, all i can hope if that i complete this weeks tasks in full and to the standards set in order to finally get my release.

I would also like to apologise to Mistress Star for my oversight in my task, i understand i should complete tasks in full and to a high standard


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