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I signed up to chastity with Mistress Star because self locking had run its course for me, it was all about someone else having the control and holding the keys for me.

I have to say I was nervous about signing up to a paid service, I had read various stories in the past about scams within BDSM or simply similar programmes which offered a lot and delivered very little.

I stumbled accross Mistress Star on Fetlife, after a quick message i was directed to her website and better still her Discord chat facility where unlike so many similar offerings i could actually see her and hear her, first hurdle crossed, she was a real person. After the initial enquiry i was sent a form to complete where I detailed my experiences in the past, reason for seeking chastity and provided other information about myself, somehow the form felt a little like ordering the equipment by which i was to be tortured and this very much turned out to be the case.

Paperwork submitted i then had a interview by phone with Mistress Star, although she was friendly and professional i got a sense of what lay ahead, she clearly was not someone who took this lightly and if i was to be her chastity slave i would work for her and complete tasks which ranged from basic administration through to tasks which were very much designed to make my confinement more difficult in a tease and denial sense. The interview lasted about 45 minutes and any doubts i had simply evaporated, finally a keyholder who took the time to learn about me, was clearly strict and intended to make the most of having the control over me, i paid my fees, signed my contract and a date was set for my confinement.

Mistress Star sent me numbered locks for my device, when the day arrived i had another call with her, she checked i was fully secured and warned me that the nice version of her was finished now, from now on i was a slave, i would work and i would suffer the frustrations and humiliation of being in chastity to her. This call seemed to go so quickly, at one point i forgot to address her as Mistress Star and was instantly reminded and warned that if i made that mistake again there would be consequences.

Each week myself and Mistress Stars other chastity slaves met with her on Monday evenings in her Discord voice chat room, she would set our tasks for the coming week, review our behaviour in her chat room (we are expected to be present as much as possible but have strict rules to follow) and set our tasks for the coming week. These meetings were terrifying, Mistress Star is seriously strict and has very high expectations, I myself was punished simply for not calling her Mistress Star frequently enough whist a fellow slave was dragged into her general chatroom and made to apologise in public for failing to respond to someone as our rules dictated. Mistress Star also awards points for task completion, these lead to rewards which in my case was being allowed out of my device for 3 hours.

The tasks i was set were tailored to the information i provided on my initial application form, there were basic admin tasks such as greeting people in her chatroom (where all her slaves are clearly identified for all to see) or completing blogs like this one, some erotic writing through to tease and denial tasks including watching porn whilst confined in my cage and having to send Mistress a written fantasy which i then had to set time aside each day to read, by the time i earnt enough points for my release i can honestly say i was desperate.

At then end of my month i have some real life commitments meaning i cannot attend weekly meetings for a couple of months however i have been so impressed with the experience that i have simply signed up for a different type of package and remain locked by Mistress Star.


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