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Good Afternoon , Hope everyone is doing well in these uncertain times :) . Last week on Friday 10 pm I started chastity contract with Mistress Star so today at 10 pm will be first week locked . Oh forgot to introduce myself I m known as Chastity Slave 31 . I got in touch with Mistress Star few weeks ago over portal Fetlife and later discord BoundBDSM community, where I learned more about her and chastity contracts and met many people all helpful and kind. On Discord are also hosted community event about many different topics extremely useful. This week was event about rope tutorials.

Well to get back to the topic me and Mistress Star agreed to contract she accepted me now I m serving for the duration of one mount .Personal choice why I decided to enter service is to spent my time more productive way heal my mind and body. Hate to admit but have small porn problem when I simply spent to much time on porn and masturbation when I could be doing more productive things also need to get in better shape and Mistress Star is helping me with those problems to solve them.

So far I would say is going really well for me this week been relay busy and don’t even have time to think about it . But when I have free time I get all worked up and thinking about it takes quite a while to calm down. But biggest difference is when I was trying to self lock is you can unlock when you want it takes quite a will power to stay locked my longest record was a one month and two days. Now reality hits I can t unlocked myself with out Mistress Star

permission even if I want too just need to stay locked and calm down till it passes but it can get quite frustrating. Not much yes since I will be locked today at ten pm one week. I m expecting next week will be for me quite ruff . This week I woke up few times during the night but not much. The most annoying thing so far is morning wood it can t be help and it takes for me around twenty minutes to calm down .On Monday I had small crisis was reading erotic stories and watched some porn videos, wanted to see abut hypnosis and conditioning hopefully will explore it one day with Mistress Star. well to get back to topic it really got me going and dripping and erection in my cage got quite painful it took me thirty to fifty minutes to calm down tried also with cold water tats when reality bit hit me that I can t do as I please and will need to wait on Mistress Star permission. It is first time for me that somebody else has control over it. It is really thrilling and frustrating at same time for me .

I can only hope my service will please Mistress Star. For me is quite thrilling cause I wished for long time for something like this arrangement and I need to recommend this will see how will go next week but I m quite excited even though I know will be quite ruff for me. But also need to give fair warming it is quite a commitment and is not for everyone. Anyone wishes to enter such commitment needs to prepare it self and really know what he or she wants . So far I personally really like this arrangement. Will most likely give updates at later date how it is going . My apologies if is written bit simplistic or there are some mistakes English is my second or rather third language. I had fun writing short blog and I hope you'll enjoy reading it.


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