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I joined Mistress Stars sissy training course having previously been a chastity slave to her. I had find my time with Mistress Star as a chastity slave very challenging and very rewarding, she really is strict, has high expectations and you constantly understand that you need to meet her demands.

Although i was a chastity slave i always wanted to explore the sissy lifestyle, somehow the two fitted together for me so when Mistress Star announced she would be launching her sissy course myself and another of her chastity slaves were instantly told our next task would be as her first two sissy students.

We met Mistress Star on her discord server on a Sunday evening, she reviewed the work we had completed for her the previous week and then the big moment arrived, our first sissy training task was handed to us.

We had to design a dress or a skirt from bondage tape, through the week we would practice two catwalk style poses Mistress Star had provided and on Thursday evening we had to send her pictures of our progress with our outfits and pictures of us completing the poses. The following Sunday we would be expected, in our bondage tape outfits to appear on cam for Mistress Star….this thought in itself was quite daunting.

My first efforts at making dresses did not go well and i felt a little panic that i might completely fail the task. Mistress Star is strict and being punished by her could never be described as a ‘finishment’ and is to be avoided whenever possible. Through lots of practice i managed to make myself a dress from tape, it was tightly wrapped against me and had a very tight short skirt which made me walk in short feminine steps with my feet landing one in front of the other…..the sissy in me loved the confinement of the dress and the way it forced me to move. Next i practiced my poses, there were only two to learn but they needed to be right. With dress and poses complete i sent Mistress Star pictures of both on Thursday as instructed.

Throughout the week myself and my fellow student had chatted on the Discord server and other members had popeed in and out to ask about our task and how we were progressing. Under Mistress Stars Discord rules we must answer all questions politely and completely, i felt some humiliation every time I said ‘it has been difficult Sir / Miss but i think it is getting better’. Mistress Star also popped into the chat room on several of the evenings to check we were behaving and progressing.

Finally, all practice complete, Sunday arrived. About 45 minutes before the meeting i began to wrap the bondage tape around myself, gradually forming my entire dress, once again i felt its tightness on my thighs. With 5 minutes to spare i was ready and waited in the private chat channel for Mistress Star and my fellow sissy student to arrive.

With both my Mistress and fellow student in attendance we were greeted and both responded ‘Good evening Mistress Star’ and then ‘yes Mistress Star’ or ‘no Mistress Star to her questions about our readiness to perform for her, we were then instructed to put our cams on and a mixture of shyness, embarrassment and fear gripped me. Over the next 45 minutes we were told to walk back and forth on our cams, perform our poses and repeat these actions with Mistress Star continually picking us up on any poor performance until we were much improved sissys and had met her standards. It was a huge experience, completely sissy with a balance of fear and humiliation but also a sense of achievement when finally my performance was good enough.


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