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I signed up for Mistress Stars new 9 day lock up she asked me to keep a journal through the duration, below are my daily entries to Mistress Star. I have completed several Admin based tasks for Mistress Star in the week and my main task which was to make a dress from bondage tape, send pictures to Mistress Star and then on Sunday, along with her other slaves present our dresses to her on video and follow her catwalk instructions.


today has been a bag of mixed emotion's. i started off like any other day however i soon realized. I was yours Mistress Star. My littie dicklet was yours, i was yours . I kept thinking back Chastity Slave 11's task about going out on their walks fully clothed as a female and a wave of fear came over me. I could be next. Then a wave of excitement at the thought of being so vulnerable and exposed. I then felt my dicklet get excited at the idea. Ordinary I would have played and had release. But, i knew I wouldn't and couldn't. For I am yours and you are in control. The urge stayed with me all day. But i resisted, knowing that I would be punishes if I did, and would be ashamed to have displeased you Mistress Star. fulfillment also came knowing that you would take great enjoyment from my unquenched urge to release.


Today has been very difficult Mistress Star. The morning started okay, but on the way to work my crotch begged to be touched Mistress Star. I kept thinking about how much I wanted release but knew that you would punish me Mistress Star. I went to the loo midday and even touching it to pee felt good Mistress Star. But I knew Mistress Star, I couldn't do anymore than that. I sat in work watching the clock Mistress Star, hoping to leave before anyone notices how frustrated I looked.

I did some research about my dress task tonight Mistress Star. looking at photos of sexy girls in both tape and sexy shiny dresses was tortuous Mistress Star. I wanted to touch myself so bad Mistress Star. I look forward to making My Dress Mistress Star, i hope I can make you happy and laugh too.

Day 3

Hello Mistress Star. I have been on edge all day Mistress Star. Uneasy in my chair at work and in the house Mistress Star. Both with the urge to pleasure my pathetic clitty and for my task dress Mistress Star. I hope you found my dress pleasing Misress Star. Worried about how you found it Mistress Star. I felt good being tarted up like a slut Mistress Star. I am grateful to you for allowing me to feel that way Mistress Star. I am very excited for being dressed up again on sunday for your amusement Mistress Star.

If you are displeased Mistress Star I will be beyond ashamed. I fear what you will do if i have not pleased you Mistress Star. I only wish to make you happy Mistress Star. I am about to do my task commenting on blogs Mistress Star, i hope these make you happy.

Day 4

Good evening Mistress Star, I hope you are having a good day. sadly Mistress Star I have been feeling very unwell today, I did not sleep very well. I have been trying to get through the day, but my need to cum has remained Mistress Star. Even now as I write this in my weakened state Mistress Star, I want more than anything to have release. I will not Mistress Star, because you have not allowed me and do not wish me to. I will continue to endure my torture for your pleasure Mistress Star.

Day 5

good evening Mistress, today has been okay, feeling a litle better. Sister and Brother in-law visiting for the weekend Mistress Star. Today has been hard, Mistress Star, I've wanted to sneak away to touch myself all day. wishing I could have release Mistress Star. Hoping that I have pleased you enough to be worth of release.

Day 6

Good evening Mistress Star, today was hard Mistress Star. Have been out site seeing with my sister Mistress Star. you have been in my thoughts all day Mistress Star. Have imagined you towering over me and teasing my sissy clit Mistress Star. humiliating me, for being the lowest kind of thing, not even a sissy, but a Chastity Slave Mistress Star. your Chastity Slave Mistress Star. Today has also been enlightening Mistress Star. I haven't cum in Days Mistress Star. I wasn't able to do that before you Mistress Star. I was worried i was addicted Mistress Star. But I see now that there could be hope for me Mistress Star. Thanks to you Mistress Star

Day 7

How can i sum up today Mistress Star.. nerve racking... terrifying.... heart pounding...... exhilarating. Not only today but this whole week Mistress Star.... there are no words. I have had high and low points Mistress Star. Days where I was overcome with the urge to touch myself, and those where i fully embraced my rank as one of Mistress Stars Chastity Slaves. I thoroughly enjoyed my task this week Mistress Star. Being able to open up my creativity and i love any excuse to dress up Mistress Star. I was worried i would let you down Mistress Star. I am so proud of myself that I have not, and proved that I could do it. Tonight was amazing Mistress Star, I enjoyed being put on display for you, having you issue me commands and hearing you laugh's and evil chuckes as I 'strutted my stuff' for you. I liked hearing that you liked my dress and boots Mistress Star, I only wish I could have addes a coat to The ensemble hehe, perhaps next time.

For this week Mistress Star, all i can say is... thank you so much.


Chastity Slave 50


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