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Locktober Bites

The great Locktober Lockup is now well underway, after being locked into chastity by Priestess Payne and Mistress Star last week our willing victims are now experiencing life as chastity slaves with keyholders who are determined to be entertained and served.

You can catch the closing event, with details of all that has taken place here - on the 29th November.

Two of the locked slaves have written blog entries about their initial on for an insight into the life of a chastity slave

Slave 1

I enjoyed Locktober last year, it was hard but fun being locked for 60 days, and doing tasks for my Mistress. In September I started looking for something to do this year but late in the month I found out that I had to travel for work in October. On Friday October13th I was back home and self locked.

Last week I was browsing Fetlife and found out about this event and thought it sounding interesting. The calls for vetting applicants was already happening but I thought that the worst that can happen is that I'm told no. I realize that that was stupid, being told no is not the worst that can happen, being told yes you will be in chastity might be much worse.

So in the morning of the 19th I took the locked case off to clean and put it back on with a numbered tag, no cumming. Later that day I showed my cage with my tag 170033 on The BoundBDSM Discord server.

The first 3-4 days are not very hard but after that it starts to get frustrating. So now I have been in chastity for 3 or 9 days depending on how you count. Mornings are the hardest when you wake up with your cock trying to have an erection but not being allowed to.. It is a bit painful but not something that you can not handle.

Later in the day you are constantly a bit horny and I know this will continue and will not be better until I'm allowed to cum. It is frustrating and nice at the same time, I can't really explain the feeling.

Slave 2

I applied for the Great Locktober 9 Day Lock Up mainly because I was ideally looking for a keyholder experience. I hesitated because of self-limiting doubts but saw an opportunity for growth and a fantastic experience if I gave myself a chance. I’m so glad I did as it lead to being invited to the locking ceremony on the 19th!

The Ceremony was so well planned and I had a wonderful experience despite my multiple mistakes. I hate making mistakes, especially when they displease my Dominant.

I was excited and a little nervous as the ceremony drew nearer and I was rushing trying to shuffle around my schedule and prepare in time due to a hectic day.

I rushed home to put on my outfit and figure out how to use my lockbox and thought I had it down. With minutes to spare, I turned on my phone to be ready at attention as instructed.

My first mistake was not realizing when I was invited and therefore late turning on my camera.

My second mistake (or three!) was failing at locking my keys away. My next mistake was blaming the lockbox when it was my lack of preparation.

My final mistake was asking if I could switch to my alternate cage, despite Mistress Star kindly offering to handle my lock up after the ceremony.

Mistress Star handed me with expert skill, assigning a task, and letting me know I’d need to improve to impress her. It was a humbling experience.

Looking back, the ceremony was a fun and memorable experience that I’m grateful for.

The first three days have been a combination of growing submissiveness and being periodically extremely horny, especially when I first wake up. With permission from Mistress Cross, I had to change from my Kink3d cage to my Holy Trainer cage due to some skin chafing that would likely have worsened.

I’m excited to be under Mistress Star’s control, shared experiences, connections, and the opportunity to serve to the best of my abilit


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