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I am Mistress Stars chastity slave 04, i have been in chastity with Mistress Star for 7 weeks now. Under the terms of my chastity i am locked away for a set period of time and i do not get released until my contract expires, Mistress Star supervised my initial locking away and i have t report my frustration levels to her each week. Unlike most of her slaves i am not on the punishment and reward system, just a simple key holder arrangement.

I have been locked up for periods of several months in the past but that was self locking and even though i had the keys i did only cheat once when the frustration just became too much. My experience in having a key holder (Mistress Star) is very different however, firstly there is the simple fact that i do not have access to my keys, cheating just is not possible and psychologically that is much more frightening and frustrating. Secondly, although i attend Mistress Stars Discord chatroom i do not have to follow all of the rules that her slaves on other contracts have to follow and i do not complete weekly tasks for her. The downside to this is that i literally sit and watch my key holder in chat when she is there, often say hello to her wishing she would unexpectedly grant me early release but absolutely knowing she will not do this.

As the weeks have gone by my frustration levels have obviously grown and as i am now just days from the end of my contract i am finding my frustration is constant, i literally am wishing days away until Mistress Star releases me but at the same time i know i will absolutely be resigning with Mistress Star, it is just a question of what type of package i go with next time.


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