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Across the evenings of the 14th and 15th of April Bound BDSM celebrated its first Birthday with a selection of the best of our events from our first 12 months and 4 hours of fresh live content provided by Isabella Dollish, Mistress Star and some of their friends.

From chastity slaves suffering through their own personal hell hour to the far more serene 'Bedtime Sordies' with Isabella with lots of impact play in the middle the live events were the best attended events we have ever held with a cumulative audience of almost 150. Our website was also the busiest it has ever been on the 15th April, more people joined our Discord community than on any day since its launch.

It does not seem a year ago that we launched Bound BDSM with our aims of providing reasonably priced BDSM equipment and building a community built on acceptance, inclusion, education and of course entertainment, some of us can remember being in the Discord server with 4 other people wondering if this was going to work. 12 months on it certainly seems to have worked with nearly 3000 Discord members, over 50 hours of BDSM events, tutorials and demonstrations produced and a ever growing community behind us as well as our fantastic partnership with Isabella bringing Bound BDSM into the USA.

With all of this under our belt we would like to thank our Admin and Moderation Team, Partners, content contributors, customers and of course our entire Discord membership for supporting us through to our first birthday, it is undoubtedly true that we could not have become what we now are without the support you have all shown us.

During our live events a number of our products were being utilised, they are listed below for those who may be interested.

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