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CS2 came home from work and entered through the front door, as he passed through the hall, he noticed a note had been left in the usual spot. It read “Slave, I will be home at 5pm. Be ready to greet your Mistress in the manor that you have been taught”. CS2 looked at the clock and it was 4:30. He knew what was expected of him and knew he couldn’t let his owner down.

CS2 was on his knees, naked all bar his chastity cage and the collar that his Mistress demanded that he wore around the house. His head was bowed waiting for his Mistress to arrive home. He then heard the sound of keys entering the lock of the front door. The click of the heels as his Mistress entered.

“Very good slave” his Mistress said as she saw him kneeling waiting for her. She walked around him and gave his chastity cage a nudge with the tip of her shoe. CS2 said nothing, he knew he should not speak until given permission. He kept his eyes closed as he was taught, he felt his Mistress attach a lead to his collar and pulling him towards what he could only assume was the stair case.

CS2 kept his eyes firmly shut as they went up the stair case and then entered another room. He assumed it was the bedroom as it had the softest of carpets. Mistress then said “open your eyes slave” Richard blinked in the light as his mistress came into view in front of him, she was beautiful with a piercing gaze that gave him chills all the way down to his toes. “On the bed, all fours, head facing the headboard.” Richard knew not to question his Mistress and obeyed.

As he was in the position that his Mistress demanded he felt her sit beside him on his left, he felt her sliding her hand under his stomach and onto his caged cock. His Mistress began to rub it, slowly at first and then faster and harder. “How long has it been bitch? How long since I allowed you to use that useless thing?” his Mistress sternly asked him. He replied “35 days Mistress” his Mistress gave a short laugh and proceeded to rub harder. A few minutes went by of this, then he felt his Mistress slow down “oh look at this slave.... you are starting to drip. What should we do about that slave?” Richard was so deep in the throes of frustration he wasn’t sure what to say.

“Well?!” his Mistress asked, CS2 simply replied “i don’t know Mistress” his Mistress then grabbed his caged cock harder and said “Then I guess I will have to decide” CS2 could feel his Mistress rubbing her fingers over the tip of his cage, the feeling was incredible and then it abruptly stopped. “Tongue out slave!” his Mistress said fiercely. Richard complied as he always does. His Mistress then rubbed all the pre cum that she had collected over his tongue, there seemed to be so much of it. “Now enjoy the taste and swallow it down” his Mistress whispered in his ear. Richard did as he was told, and as always thanked his Mistress. “You might not be thanking me soon” his Mistress said while letting out a laugh. “Hands behind back” his Mistress instructed, CS2 complied and was now face down on the bed, still on his knees. His Mistress bound his hands together behind his back using bondage tape. CS2 felt his Mistress get off the bed and left the room.

He waited there a few minutes, not knowing what was happening. He then heard his Mistress approaching again. He heard a pop of a cap and a squirting noise. Then the unmistakable smell of lube. Before he knew it, he felt the lube being squeezed between his ass cheeks. His Mistresses fingers rubbing it on his anus. Then slowly one finger was inserted, as his Mistress fingered his ass for a few moments before a second finger was inserted. His Mistress slowly finger fucked his hole for a few minutes. CS2's frustration was building as again at the same time his Mistress was rubbing his caged cock with her other hand. This time matching the speed of her fingering. With each push there would be a rub. His Mistress as now going at such a pace that he was losing himself in the frustration and humiliation of being used in such a way.

Then just as fast as it had started his Mistress stopped. Richard was begging “Please Mistress, I will give anything, please let me cum. I can't cope, please Mistress” His Mistress seemed to pause for a moment in thought. Then just said “maybe”. Mistress told the slave to open his eyes, in front of his eyes propped against the headboard was an alarm clock. Mistress then told him “This alarm will go off in 30 minutes, I will return then. I hope you enjoy this next 30 minutes” Mistress laughed at the end of that sentence. CS2 was a little confused but then felt an object being pushed inside him. It one of the many butt plugs that his Mistress owned.

“Now slave, I am going to turn on this butt plug, it's going to stimulate your prostate and I know you are such a slut that you'll love it. If you cum from this then that’s your release. It might happen, it might not but I know you'll try won't you slave?” his Mistress said as she left the room. As the door closed Mistress just said “enjoy”. CS2 was left in darkness, bound, with the plug vibrating inside him. This was going to be a long 30 minutes.

The alarm snapped CS2 out of the dazed and confused state he had fallen into during the 30 minutes. His cock felt like it was in agony as it strained against the confines of the metal cage. He was so on the edge of an orgasm but just couldn’t achieve one. He was nearly in tears. His Mistress re-entered the room and the sight that met her made her give a big laugh. The slave was shaking, making sobbing noises, his toes were curling. “So, slave did you cum?” Mistress asked him. “No Mistress, please help Mistress I am so close, I'm going crazy” Richard replied. His Mistress leaned in close to his ear “is it really that bad? Do you need me to stop the frustration slave?” she whispered. His reply was swift “Yes Mistress, please!”.

There was a moment of silence, he felt his Mistress touching the cage, he hoped he would feel it unlock. Suddenly his entire cock went ice cold. His Mistress had submerged it in a bowl of ice water. The slave screamed in pain, his entire body shaking. After what seemed like an eternity for the slave, she removed his now shrivelled cock from the ice water. “Slave I told you to how you were allowed to cum, do you think I would ever show pity on someone so pathetic? You will never cum again until you learn to cum from anal. This is just the start you pathetic Bitch!” His Mistress yelled at him. the slave began to cry. His Mistress cut him loose and sat him up. She held him by the chin and just looked in his eyes. “Now thank me slave” she commanded. The slave looked deep into his owner's eyes and just said the only words that came to mind “Thank you Mistress”

“Now Slave, go and clean yourself up and then make me some dinner” his Mistress said nonchalantly. He simply replied “Yes Mistress” as he left the room. His Mistress smiled as he left.


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