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Dominance Sessions with Mistress Star - Why, how and when?

Mistress Star has been a Professional Online Mistress for several years now. She co-owns the BoundBDSM Discord server and website, organises and hosts many of the free events and has had chastity and other ongoing slaves in her service online for protracted periods but now something new - One Off Dominance sessions, why is she adding this offering and how does it work?

'I love the ongoing control and ownership that my existing slaves provide, it enables me to guide them through their journeys of self discovery within BDSM. For many I am the first Dominant they have served and having an ongoing relationship allows me to push their boundaries in ways they may have never imagined. For others who may have had submissive experiences in the past I am told serving me is a little different, ideas of topping and the very principles of 'funishments' are left at the door, this is a new deeper form of submission for many of the people who come to me.' Mistress Star Explains. 'Whilst I prefer ongoing relationships with subs this simply does not work for everyone, some are so new that they just need an experience whilst others have commitments which make ongoing service impossible for them, for reasons such as these I first began to think about one off sessions'.

'My other driver in setting up these sessions are the sheer number of (predominantly but not exclusively males) subs that I see searching for Mistresses. There are so many who say they want to experienced being submissive and being used that I almost want to test this and for this reason I wanted a very affordable entry level experience for people. My aim was to provide an experience for people which was as affordable as spending an hour in the pub or the coffee habit they may have, this way they can decide just how much they really do wish to be submissive, is that want as strong as the desire to spend an hour in the pub or drink a few posh coffees every week? ..........we shall see! '

'Certainly my message in offering affordable services is for people to stop endlessly talking about submitting and do it, going to see a professional dominant will cost you hundreds, joining a group session with me will cost you about £15 / US$ 18 and even my one to one sessions are a fraction of the cost of a session with an in-person professional Mistress. Money should not be a barrier to living your BDSM lifestyle so i am removing the barrier'.

Before launching the sessions several trial sessions have already taken place, Mistress Star, Mistress Pretty Pain and Siren of Mischief (all of whom use the BoundBDSM Discord server) have taken part at various times. With the trial events successfully navigated the options for potential subs can be fully detailed.


Group sessions - No more than 8 subs with 1 or sometimes 2 Mistresses. There are two types of group sessions which will be offered.

  • Dominance and Humiliation

  • Degradation and Humiliation

The Dominance and Humiliation sessions are lighter and suitable for the inexperienced whilst the Degradation sessions are really for the experienced masochistic slaves in the community.

For both sessions all you will need is a cam and mic and the ability to be obedient. you will complete questions before the event about your limitations and toys that you may have available and then the fun begins. You can also cover your face and thus your identity throughout the sessions if you wish to do so

One to One Sessions - These work on the same basis as the group sessions other than being one to one.

So what happens in these sessions and how do they work?

The BoundBDSM Discord server has private video chat channels, those who have signed up are granted access to these channels, so there is no audience, the cams go on and the Mistress(ess) arrive.

The actual content depends on a number of factors explains Mistress Star, my mood on the day being one of them but also the limitations of those attending and their particular kinks. In tte trial sessions we have seen electro-play, cross dressing, chastity devices and lots more. The events are fast paced and from my perspective very amusing.

How can people book a place?

1 Go to the BoundBDSM Homepage and join the Discord server, the link is at the bottom of the homepage -

2 Once inside the BoundBDSM Discord server find the channel titled 'One Off Sessions' and full instructions are detailed there.

Mistress Star is planning to run 1 or 2 of these sessions a month with Isabella Dollish also running similar sessions in the near future.

1 Comment

Jun 07, 2023

I was lucky enough to be a sub at the first running of the dominance event. I was a sub to Mistress Star, Miss Payne and Miss Siren. It was one of the most humiliating events in my life. I loved every minute of it. It’s a perfect way to dip your feel into kink and learn if true submission is for you.

I cannot recommend this high enough even if you are experienced in substance.

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