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I have been with Mistress Star for over 3 months now and have suffered the low status and humiliation of the tasks that she has set for me through this period as well as the excitement of being granted short periods of release from my cage.

4 weeks ago Mistress Star decided that cross drerssing was to become part of the humiliation i would face, since then i have been told what to wear for the weekly meetings i have with her on cam and have even had to walk outside at night with video evidence supplied to her.

This week Mistress Star decided that myself and one of her other chastity slaves would provide entertainment for her guests at her weeky chat event. As i am learning to dress and because i am to be humiliated i am not allowed even to dress in everyday female clothing but have to wear a school girl outfit. Firstly i had to show Mistress Star this outfit at last weeks meeting with her, this was bad enough as Mistress Star and her other chastity slaves could see me in it, i was then trained for 20 minutes to walk in a more feminine way and to sit as a lady would sit. With these basic skills i then had to practice and send Mistress Star a video of me performing them to her standards and then finally I had to attend her weekly chat event where members of her Discord server would see my video and me on a cam in my unform live.

Myself and another of the chastity slaves were told to have our cameras on as the event started but to not be in the shot. I stood, dressed in my outfit listening to the sound of people joining the chat, knowing that each of the would shortly be able to see me in my grey skirt, shirt, tie, pleated wig and straw hat, for me this is sheer humiliation and my nerves jangled as Mistress Star began to speak.

After a few minutes we were given the instruction to come into shot and assume a position with our hands in a prayer position and our head lowered, a position we were not allowed to move from without a specific order from Mistress Star. I felt the heat of embarassment rush to my face as i stood there, my only saving grace being that my hat covered my face and i could not see the camera image of myself. As i stood there Mistress Star explained to her audience that i was there to be humiliated and i pictured them watching me standing motionless. As the event went on the video of my walking and sitting was played and i was really very pleased to hear that overall Mistress Star was pleased with my effort……it is only by pleasing her in my tasks that i have any chance of release and if i displease her i know her punishments are harsh.

The experienced of being so exposed to a number of people, there for their amusement is a stong form of humiliation, whilst it is awful it is also the deliverer of the status many chastity slaves crave and i can have no doubt of the power Mistress Star has over me.

Eventually we were dismissed after about 10 or 15 minutes standing in our prayers position, as the cam went off i felt sheer relief that the experience was over but also a pride that i had got through it.

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