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Updated: Mar 29

This past Thursday I was ordered to take part in an event over on Mistress Star's discord server. Mistress Star was doing a Q&A about her up coming 4 week feminisation experience. Mistress Star knows that i fantasize about being a slutty barbie doll. So that is what she did to me. As part of her event i was to dress up in a sissy costume and strikr various barbie doll poses. I did this live on camera Infront of the server. It was my first 'public' performance infront of a live audience. The feeling of people watching me, judging me, laughing and giggling at me was indescribable. It was certainly one of the best times I've ever had. Having had a few days to think back on it, i can only find myself thinking i can't wait untill next time and how i might be better, sluttier and more of a sissy. All in the name of Mistress Star.

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