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For years I had an unexplained love of puffer coats and gogo boots. For years I tried to think of why in my late teens I suddenly wants to dress like a tart holding down a street corner. Then, one day, it clicked. I wanted to be a barbie. I wanted to be someone’s life-size doll, to be played with, dressed up and manipulated whenever my owner wanted. To entertain them, for them to control my actions , my clothes, my everything.

I never thought that I could find someone to please as their own barbie, but then I found Mistress Star. I have had the distinct pleasure of serving Mistress Star for several weeks now, and since them I have been taken on a journey, no… the journey that I have always wanted, that never thought would come. Mistress Star initially took me in as one of her Chastity Slaves. This involved being denied the right to touch and masturbate unless Mistress Star deemed me worthy of such pleasure. This was difficult for me initially as I had feared for year about my own inability to control myself. Fearing addiction, Mistress Star guided me through the feelings of Chastity. Mistress Star would set me weekly tasks I would complete to please Mistress Star.

My first week was very difficult, knowing that my freedom to Masturbate was gone, that if I took those mere seconds of weakness, I could be punished by Mistress Star for not only my disobedience but my utter disrespect for Mistress Stars authority and superior position. As the week progressed I learned that the pleasure I received from pleasing Mistress Star vastly outweighed any pleasure that I could possibly derive from just those mere seconds, and it would only last seconds, where the pleasure of pleasing Mistress Star would endure.

After my second week, Mistress Star told me that she had recognised my love of puffer coats, boots and slutty clothes, and as a result I would become her permanent Chastity Barbie Slave. From that point on Mistress Star would continue to use me as she saw fit, but would also play with me as her personal Barbie Doll.

This began with Mistress Star setting me the ongoing task of practicing a barbie doll dance along to the song ‘Im a barbie girl’ song. This would ultimately result in my performing live in front of Mistress Stars entire discord Sever. Additionally I was tasked to perform in live discord events for Mistress Star. Mistress Star also pimped me out to the Discord server so that the members could suggest to me dance routines and what music to dance to. I would then perform these live for the server.

Many people would see this as very confining, and entrapping. However, this was one of the most liberating thing I have ever done. Over the following weeks, Mistress Star, though various tasks have allowed me to express my inner sissy and inner barbie. I feel like a side of me that has been supressed for years has been allowed to grow, flourish and I ow it all to Mistress Star. There are times where there is the fear of what will happen to you if Mistress Star is not pleased with you, but this fear only re-enforces your desire to do all that you can to please Mistress Star. Mistress Star is a true Mistress and Goddess.

I hope to serve Mistress Star for much longer to come, hoping to please Mistress Star whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.

Chastity Slave Barbie


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