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Barbie is a long term chastity slave of Mistress Star who decided to undertake the feminisation course as part of her ongoing development as a sissy doll.


I was expect a package on Thursday, the puffer boots that I had ordered. I felt restless all day. thinking of stroking them and rubbing them, my frustrations grew, even as I commuted home. sadly is wasn't my boots. My heart sank as I couldn't fulfill my desire of feeling my boots :(

on Tuesday i carried out my task of searching for slutty makeup schemes for my feminization class. seeing all the intricate and garish schemes, I just wanted to imagine myself being strapped down to a salon chair, wrists and ankles strapped, tightly tape gagged. being forcefully dolled up like a sissy whore.

I sat down on Friday and thought about what outfits to wear for my fashion show. i plan to do my classic all pink barbie outfit. All black outfit and my res Corset, black silver, red boots and black puffer. the idea of getting dressed getting my all worked up. think how i wish i could get dressed up for a kink party and being poked and prodded by everyone. i alao thought back to my boots not arriving, and decided to cheer myself up by ordering another pair that were on sale that i had wanted for a long time. and nice bright green pair of thigh high vinyl platform boots, hopefully they will arrive soon.


This week has been a small rollercoaster. At first i was over l the moon with the arrival of my new pink puffer boots. i had been waiting in anticipation for them for a week. was so excited when they arrived ahead of time. i opened them and imagined how they would feel, and they didn't disappoint. they were amazing. i couldn't wait to slide them on. then i found that i couldn't get them on. i was so upset, my feet kept sticking to them and i couldn't slide my feet in. i thought id need to return them.. but then. a knock at the door. Another package. it was my tights. I though yes, these will be slidy. so I hurried upstairs and slipped them on then the boots. they felt great, alittle snug, but they fitted and that was the main thing.

not 2 days later on Wednesday, another boots parcel, there were my green thigh thighs. was over the moon. wrapped rhem as fast a i could. feeling the bright green vinyl over my hands, rubbing it against my legs and body. it was intoxicating. sadly, when i came to put them on, ever in conjunction with my tights they didn't fit was so saddened, especially given the events of monday with my other boots. i will return them on Friday. hopefully the next size will be back in stock soon.

Thursday night was incredible, ironically the first time ive ever laid all my coats out and playing with them all like that. i was never able to do it back home, privacy. i stood there seeing the sea of puffyness and i just wanted to dive in, and i did. feeling them caress every inch of my body. i felt like they were swamping me, making me sink into their wonderfully puffy black hole. i had never felt anything like it. spiralling out, grabbing them and running them all over myself. it was so fun, yet so torturous as all i wanted to do is rub my clit, rub it with my coats. feeling their puffyness on my frastrated little clitty. but i couldn't, i hadn't been given permission. i all I could do is lay there knowing that i still have another 45 minites untill Mistress Star would call and even then, I would not be allowed to stop playing. not until Mistress Star commanded me to stop. my biggets kink had been turned into my greatest torture. i pleased to Mistress Star, but I was made to play for another 20 minutes. by the end i was Fit to burst. all I could do was imagine the sensation as I was ordered my Mistress Star to clear my puffers away and think about what a little slut I had been for Mistress Star


My cage has finally arrived. I was so excited to start my training. there was apprehension about locking myself away, truly knowing i could not touch myself. however I also knew that i would not have the temptations that i have had since a had began chastity training. night 1 should be fun.

Wednesday: have tried now a few times with my new cage. 1st night did not go well as i struggled to fully get my testicles trough the ring of my cage. after about an hour or so on my 1st night, i had to stop due to the irritations. hoping next attempt will be better.

i have finally had some progress, i was able to cully insert myself through the ring, and attavh the cage. it was an extremely do sensation to begin as it is metal. teh constat cold against my Crotch, soon disapating as it warmed. it only took a fe wminutes to feel myself grow and push against the cage. it did not grow alot and so the initial squeezing was mind. it was abrand new feeling that I was so happy I was finally able to experience. unfortunately the smile soon faded as after about 2 hours tye oain i felt in my testicles became unbearable and i had ti remive the cage. it was a relief to be free again. though i was disappointed and hoped taht with time i would soon either bwcome use ti the feeling or my 'anatomy ' would adapt.

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Mar 31, 2023

Love playing with my Barbie doll so much

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