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Since i launched my chastity key holding serving several months ago a lot has happened and my own thinking is evolving constantly. Initially my thoughts on how to deliver an effective and high quality chastity service had been influenced by a number of factors:-

  • My own limited experience of the subject, I have been a dominant female for longer than I care to remember but had only played with chastity and denial in a limited sense until a few months ago

  • Online research, I literally looked at the other services out there, some I did not like, some felt like games, frankly some felt like they were simply about revenue generation and almost all of them felt impersonal, the poor chastity slave could be locked away but in many cases would never even hear their key holders voice.

  • Limited experience of how professional Domme’s provide chastity to their clients, much as this was really helpful and there is a lot to be said for the in person approach it can be expensive, this was not quite what I wanted to do and I wanted a alternative service, financially more accessible but with interaction between the slaves and myself

  • Finally, i had appealed through Fetlife for details of what chastity slaves would want from the service, this proved to be a mixed blessing, one person spoke to me for hours and then vanished and to be honest not every part of their guidance was useful, but there were others who were very helpful and i am grateful for their input.

Finally i designed my chastity packages, there were three distinct options, a simple lock up and key hold with little interaction, a financial domination offering and finally a reward and punishment option which had both one to one and group interaction with slaves completing tasks to assist me and amuse me. With two willing volunteers we set off with an initial 1 month trial, the first of them is still with me several months later and the other lasted almost a month before dropping out of the trial. Much to my surprise almost eveyr slave has opted for the reward and punishment package I offer, my surprise comes from the fact with this package there is risk, yes you may please me and obtain a release for a period but you go for long periods simply not knowing if you have done enough and every time we speak the chastity slave knows one mistake could lose them their much awaited temporary relief.

What I have learnt since beginning the trial is that people enter chastity for many reasons, i have those who simply want a strict Mistress to dominate and humiliate them, making their chastity into a status and a lowly status at that, this group i probably most expected to find however there are other groups with very different aims. I have several chastity slaves now who wish to achieve personal goals through the control i exert over them ranging from weight loss, fitness all the way through to watching less porn. I have had chastity slaves approach me who were in relationships although most are single but thus far i have not had a female chastity slave approach me…….if there is one out there i would very much welcome this variation.

I have also found i have been surprised by just how hard chastity slaves will work to gain their release and please their key holder, i insist on very high levels of obedience and also respect and i have absolutely no tolerance of ‘bratty’ behaviour, without exception everyone who has signed up has understood my demands and basically tried to follow them, mistakes have been made and most of the slaves at one point or another have found themselves being punished but on the whole their work has been good, on time and they have desperately tried to earn the points to gain their release from their torment.

One thing that has become clear is that the reward and punishment package which although easily my most popular is simply to all encompassing and strict for some chastity slaves. After several weeks the utterly low status I impose really does bite, for example if you sign up for this package you must attend my Discord chat channels, a lot of the tasks take place in discord but you must also follow a set of strict rules aimed at making you have a status below everyone else in the chat rooms. For many chastity slaves this low status is very important they need to feel lower than all the real men in the chatroom and know that they a too lowly to be troubling the females with their caged urges but for others the social interaction is important and for this reason i have decided to launch a new type of package.

The exact details are still being finalised but the key elements will be:-

  • Chastity slaves on the new package will still speak with me on the discord channel once a week where i will review their task completion and in some way their release will be linked to this task completion and the respect they show to me

  • Tasks will not be as intense as the reward and punishment programme and will be provided by text message with us then meeting once a week to confirm completion……complete the tasks and get the rewards of short term releases being the basic model, fail to complete them and stay locked up!

  • Chastity slaves on the new programme will not have to suffer the same low status within my Discord channel, they can keep their original chat names (reward and punishment chastity slaves are just known by a number and are completely identifiable to my entire chat membership)

  • On the new programme chastity slaves will be allowed to chat freely and with very few additional rules other than when they meet with me, they will not have the humiliation of having to respond to the chastity slave commands and will not be forced to answer any direct question their receive in the chatroom from any member.

Essentially the new programme is a lighter version of the reward and punishment programme, there are still tasks and you still get to speak with me once a week but you can also interact with my entire membership.

If you have been one of my chastity slaves or not please feel free to feedback on this blog in the comments section below, to find out more about my keyholding services please go to the chastity section of this website.

Mistress Star


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