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CBT201 with Ms Kitten - Our First Premium Event

Ms Kitten will host the first of the BoundBDSM premium events on the 25th November, read on for full details

Saline and sharps -cbt 201

Ms Kitten’s cbt slave turns 21 (again)

Join the party as Ms K tortures her slave for his birthday. **THIS IS NOT A 101 CLASS - this is an extreme CBT experience.

Attendance to a basic consent 101 and negotiation is recommended for newbies first. You can find the 101 class on the link below

We have two selves... One the world needs us to be, compliant... And the shadow... Ignore it and life is forever suffering.’ American Horror Story-

The class will take place in Ms K’s needle dungeon. The class will be approx 2 hours and will include: A brief introduction prep for the needle work saline infusion needles fish hooks It is a blood play there will be blood shown on the removal. debrief

This class will contain triggers This is a CBT session with SHARPS Genitals will be on display. Sharps will used consensually. By attending this class you are consenting to see these things.

Ms Kitten creative sadist and fetish artist with a love of latex, a penchant for violent grappling scenes, and a very cute bum welcomes you to her play box. Experienced top and kink educator who films fetish porn and brings an honest look at consent and negotiation needed to create a scene. Examples of her fetish porn can be found at Examples of her CBT can be viewed on her fetlife page.

This event will be hosted on Google meets tickets are available below

Tickets are £10 per person (circa US$12)

Members of the BoundBDSM Subscription Area receive a 50% Discount on tickets


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