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BoundBDSM Events, Tutorials and Demonstrations on Discord in April

April is upon us and we have a very busy schedule planned for the month. All of these events are free to attend, simply join the Discord server (link at the foot of our homepage).

As ever we have searched the internet to find interesting people to interview about their BDSM lifestyles, Isabella Dollish has handpicked Erotic Literature for her hugely popular series of 'Bedtime Sordies' and as Bound BDSM has now been running for 1 year we are replaying the most popular events as voted on by our Discord members.

Make a special note for the 15th April, Mistress Star and Isabella Dollish will provide no less than 4 hours of live BDSM events in the one evening to formally mark our first birthday.

Our Full Schedule for the month is -

  • 6th - Interview with an Emotional Masochist (10pm UK and 9pm EST).

  • 14th - Our 5 most popular events from our first year covering topics as diverse as cuckolding, spanking, mummification and 1950s Relationship Dynamics.

  • 15th - Four hours of live Entertainment with Mistress Star and Isabella Dollish including Chastity Slave Hell Hour, Impact Play Demonstrations and Bedtime Sordies. Prior to the live events we will also be streaming a movie to get things started. Movie from 8pm UK time and live events from 10pm.

  • 19th - Life Coaching for Kink, LGBT+ and Poly relationships (10pm UK and 9pm EST).

  • 27th - Bedtime Sordies with Isabella Dollish (10pm UK and 9pm EST).


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