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We have another full schedule of events in July with something for everyone. Isabella Dollish and Mistress Star will deliver their usual mixture of entertainment and education alongside quality external speakers including welcome returns for D20Domme and Ms Kitten.

Our Discord server now has over 3,100 members which means we always have friendly kink chat on offer alongside our free weekly events and sessions.

1st July Degradation and Humiliation Live session with Mistress Star

6th July Aftercare Workshop hosted by Ms Kitten

13th July Interview with Pro Ava Nyx

20th July Interview with Isabella Dollish

22nd July Dominance and Humiliation live session with Mistress Star

27th July Online D/s Presentation hosted by D20Domme

29th July Pet play live Play and Training session with Mistress Star

To join our Discord server simply click the Discord links on our homepages

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