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BoundBDSM - Dominance and Humiliation Sessions. One Slaves Experience.

I had the privilege of being part of a very special event this past Saturday. The event, initiated by Mistress Star, featured her and two other Mistresses, along with 7 male slaves, for a semi-private event held on the BoundBDSM Discord Server. A Mistress-party of dominance.

Mistress Star oversaw recruiting slaves and Mistresses for the event, and the slaves were not told what would happen during the event, except to advise that it was an event to show our obedience, and that the event would be recorded, and some stills photographs might be taken for the Web site. We were given a list of toys that we should bring, asked to confirm which ones we owned, and asked about any medical issues, and hard limits. Only 2 rules were given to us slaves:

1. Obey every Mistress command fully and immediately.

2. Do not talk unless to respond to a question from a Mistress.

It was a first for me for this type of event, so I didn’t know what to expect, except that since I have been one of Mistress Star’s Chastity slave for over two and a half months, I expected to have to be perfect, and obey more than any of the other slaves. I wanted to please Mistress Star and ensure that the event would be a success for her and the other Mistresses. I brought with me as requested, a bath towel, a bed sheet, electro toys, a paddle, a small flogger, a cane and a 2 inch ball gag. Just before the event, one of the Mistresses asked us to bring nipple clamps if we had some which I did.

I was ready as instructed on the voice channel, 5 minutes before the start, with video and sound enabled while waiting for the Mistresses to arrive. The first big surprise of the day came when one of the Mistresses asked the slaves if any of us regretted not having specified anal as a hard limit. I froze immediately, since I did not specify it, but it was too late now, too late to back out.

Mistress Star asked us to show the gags that we brought, two of us did, and she ordered us to gag ourselves, because she wanted to see some drooling. I quickly obliged, using a red ball gag, my biggest one, it turned out to be both a good thing, because it would help me with rule number 2, but also a bad thing because this gag is the one that makes my jaw ache after just a few minutes. The drooling in my case, was immediate. I have worn it before, but it was the first time at the request of a Mistress, and had it until she decided. It also brought me quickly into sub mode. The second request I received was to add the nipple clamps, which I did. I was praying that I would not have to endure them for the whole hour. Once in a while, a Mistress would ask me to pull on the chain, up and down. I made sure that the stretch was visible on the camera and tried not to mpt to show the pain I was having.

Some of the other chastity slaves were ordered to show their sissy outfits, and to show their prowess in oral sex by taking a dildo as far as they could, to the point of gagging. All through the event, one at a time, we were asked to bark like a dog, and to oink as a pig. With the big gag in my mouth, I must admit that both of my attempts were pretty pathetic, which amused the Mistresses tremendously. Then Mistress Star ordered me to go switch my chastity cage for the one with the shocking attachment, the one she loves so much. I tried to do that as quick as possible, eager to avoid punishments. As I was doing it, I kept drooling on the floor, and quickly came back on camera with the remote in hand. Everytime they said “bondage button” I had to shock my balls, and I will never get used to that burning sensation. The only good thing about it is the sadistic laugh of my Mistress when I react to the pain. I ended up shocking myself several times until we were told that the event was over. At some point, I was ordered to remove the nipple clamps, and tease my nipples until told to stop. It seemed like forever, and was very painful, since my nipple are beyond sensitive right after removing the clamps.

Overall, it turned out to be a pleasant experience for me, since I could hear that all 3 Mistresses were having a good time, and that made me proud, proud of myself, but also proud of the other slaves, some of which I was meeting for the first time. It also gave me a whole new respect for the 2 new Mistresses, who I will never interact with the same way on the Discord Server, I have a whole new respect for their domination over me.

Mistress Star mentioned after the event that she plans to do this again, which is very good for everyone. And to all the submissives on BoundBDSM, please be on the lookout, it is a very good and very real occasion to experiment what being a slave is like.


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