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We are often asked questions about how chastity works, where to get devices and even why people do it, so in this blog we will give details of our experiences and views, they are by no means a complete guide but hopefully the will be helpful. We do offer a chastity keyholder service in collaboration with Mistress Star (Bound BDSM | Chastity Key holding) but this is only one aspect of the subject of chastity, in this blog we will try to look at the wider subject as well as keyholding services.

What is chastity and who does it? Chastity is simply denying sexual release, it can be self-denial or it can be a denial which by agreement is imposed by someone else. The vast majority (and we mean vast majority) of those who seek chastity are male and in most cases it is a submissive act. Some enter chastity literally for a few hours, wearing a device for a night out or for a specific sexual experience, others go for days and some go for months and even years.

Chastity Devices and Honour based chastity Honour based chastity is literally the act of either self denial or imposed denial by a dominant, there are no physical barriers imposed, it is simply about promising not to perform the act and then sticking to that promise. Essentially hounour based chastity is entirely built on trust.

Chastity devices are specifically designed to make it impossible to get an erection for the male and deny access for the female. For males this typically entails a cage with a lock, often the male will be able to get fingers inside the cage for hygience purposes etc but an erection will be impossible due to the shape of the cage. In addition to cages for males there are chastity belts which secure around the waist and thighs.

There are many chastity devices on the market and getting one to suit your needs and that fits well is absolutely essential, the more open types as they facilitate hygiene requirements however you will need to know what size to buy, to help see the image below which shows you how to measure for the key sizes you will need when buying a cage.

With sizing worked out it is then a question of picking the right type of device for you. In simple terms there are silicone or plastic devices which are lightweight and then there are metal devices which tend to be a little more heavy duty. Some devices only expose the end of the penis others are fairly open enabling a degree of access for hygiene etc which bring us to picking the right design. If you intend to or will be allowed to unlock every day for cleaning then a fairly enclosed device is absolutely fine however if you will not be able to release yourself then you need to able to clean effectively with the device on, for this we recommend the metal cages through which you can fit a finger etc. Why do people do this? Below are the more common reasons we have found:-

  • Some people simply enjoy denial and when release does come find they have a more intense experience (quality over quantity)

  • Submission - it is certainly a very submissive act to hand the keys to your device to someone else

  • Humiliation - Often humiliation forms a part of chastity, the individual is locked away while others can do as they wish

  • Status - Linked to humiliation, some chastity slaves literally enjoy feeling a status below others through being confined

  • Cuckholding - With the cuck lifestyle it is quite common for the wife to lock the husband away whilst she takes lovers

  • Trust issues - We have found a number of couples who struggle with trust and thus a device is used

  • Focus - We have spoken to a number of men who are in chastity with their wife holding the key, for them this is a way to make sure she gets their full attention and is fully satisfied before they take their pleasure

You will find lots of variations on the above and very likely more reasons why people enter into chastity

Keyholders The key holder is literally whoever makes the decision to open the cage. With self denial it can be the person who is in chastity, more often it is a partner or dominant.

Professional Keyholding This is where money changes hands, the submissive chastity slave pays to have their chastity enforced, usually a submissive male and a dominant female. Professional Dommes often offer this service which then provides in person interaction however this can be very expensive (fees tend to be £150 to £200 per hour of in person time and then a fee for the chastity period itself).

There are also online only keyholders. Beware when signing up for these services, some are pure scams, some are designed to drain money beyond advertised and agreed fees but there are some very good professional packages available……….just please be careful when deciding!

Our Keyholding Service We offer a service which is virtual only, there are no in person meet ups. Where we think our service is different to most is that you get a choice of how your contract will work and you get to speak with your keyholder before committing to anything. You can find details of our packages at Bound BDSM | Chastity Key holding and there is a contact page if you have any questions.

We do offer a scope of options which range from basic keyholding (literally we just hold the key for a period) through to very interactive options which include weekly tasks, meetings with the keyholder and other forms of interaction, with this approach you can expect to have to work to achieve your release. In all cases you will need to own a device and be able to maintain your own hygiene.

We hope this information is helpful, feel free to comment below and update the information we have provided


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