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For those who do not wish to experience slavery to me through task completion I do offer other forms of chastity.


Maybe you wish to lose weight and have me set exercise goals for you, maybe you simply want a keyholder to keep you locked up or maybe you want the humiliation of having to pay every time you need to be free of your locked device to relieve your frustration.

I am often contacted by people who wish to customize their chastity-based outcomes to suit their particular need, if this is you, contact me using the button below and we can discuss your individual requirements.

Goal Achievement

If your aim is to lose weight or just to be locked away until your partner is happy with your contributions around the house. Regardless of the goal you want to achieve, chastity may be just the motivation you need. Prices vary for this type of chastity depending on the exact program we design for you.

Keyholding Only

I am able to provide a basic keyholding service, supervising your entry into chastity and then allowing you release at the end of your contract, ideal for those who struggle to maintain a self lock.

How the process Works

  • Please read this page carefully and the other chastity pages here on the website

  • Once you know which type of chastity you would like click the application form button, please indicate the package you are interested in and complete the form fully

  • Join our discord server, link on the front page of the website

  • Once I have your application I will arrange a time to speak in private on Discord, here I will answer any questions you may have

  • Sign up and make payment

  • Once payment is made I will conduct a full interview with you and we will set a date for you to start your chastity journey


Do you want the discipline or humiliation of having to pay for every time your frustration builds to the point that you need to be freed from your cage?


Simply sign up for the Keyholding only package.

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