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Do you want to develop the levels of your feminization?


Be pushed and guided by an experienced Mistress to develop your dressing and behavioral skills ranging from how to dress well through to how to walk in a way which suits your fem persona.


Regardless of your level of experience I can tailor training to improve the standard of you presentation, behavior and obedience.


I have various options available depending on your requirements, all of these involve an in-depth discussion before we start to enable me to focus on your specific needs and requirements.


I can give you my dedicated attention and take you through my feminization finishing school.


For those who wish to be convincing we will work on your appearance, clothing, makeup, movement and general disposition. I can arrange for images of you to be taken and if you wish to we can even go on a shopping trip or for lunch.


For the sissies you will find I am demanding, training you to walk, talk and in every way learn to behave as the sissy you are.


One to one training can be completed in person or online.


I offer a 4 week experience on my Discord server.

Weekly tasks covering both dressing and behavioral modification.

  • Weekly meeting with me where you will show off your progress on cam and be pushed to meet my high standards

  • Creative tasks such as designing outfits from items such as bondage tape

  • Tasks which will allow you to show off your own wardrobe which you will be taught to wear properly and to my standards

  • Etiquette training - You will learn how to behave as the submissive you are and eventually be presentable as having reached my standards

  • Access to my Discord Server where you will follow my rules at all times

  • Midweek task updates

  • A final graduation meeting where I allow an invited audience to come and see the progress my girls have made

  • Those who meet my standards and ‘PASS’ my final assessment will them periodically be invited back to appear in future events within the Discord server



All of this is conducted under my strict tuition and guidance, beware I have high standards which you will meet!


Groups are limited to 5 to ensure everyone gets plenty of attention and training.

I am strict, very strict, misbehave or fail to meet my standards and you will find yourself facing discipline.

As well as all of your tasks and practice requirements you will also be set admin tasks each week such as posting blogs about your experiences.


  • You will need to be able to attend meetings for four consecutive weeks where you will be asked to use your cams and also to have some time each week to spend in my Discord server

  • You must be happy to appear dressed on a cam within my discord server, you may cover your face if you wish to do so

  • You will need to be able to follow instruction and abide by my rules… are here to learn and perform not be a brat

  • You must have some female/sissy clothing to use

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