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My name is Isabella Dollish

As an experienced Dominant I can be your nightmare or your salvation, pushing you to new heights while expecting your absolute obedience!

As A Fetish Model I Can Tease You

Providing the imagery you crave with the verbal stimulation you require.

I will assess your needs/kinks and provide an experience catered to you while enforcing my rules of conduct.

I can lock you away making you earn your freedom or simply make your confinement worse through visual pleasure and physical denial.

I can bring out the woman within you, transforming you into the lady, slut, or sissy you truly are.

I make your Dreams a Reality… be it the softest of Mommy Domme cuddles or the most severe tasks and beatings… the question is, what is your dream?

I have many years experience within the BDSM lifestyle, I was trained to be an obedient submissive who understood that I was there to serve and fulfil the wishes of my Dominants.
I learned my trade initially as a submissive so I understand those dark yearnings that lie inside a submissive; the need to please and the need to be pushed.
During the journey, I have found a need to dominate, to demand and to tease those who are worthy of serving me.
I can be strict and even cruel but I can also nurture and gently take you to places you did not think you could visit.

In addition to my BDSM I hold a degree in Psychology, my images may tease but my mind will test you.

You can see me at many live BDSM events.


I offer online and real life services across the USA and Canada. Please fill out an application below and detail your desired kinks and hard limits. Please also include your After Care needs.

Please note my hard limits include: No Minors, No Sex/Sexual Touching, No Scat/Urine/Blood, No Permanent Damage, No Animals (humans that identify as pets/animals are welcome). Don’t be afraid to ask as long as you can take no for an answer. A deposit may be required to negotiate.

My Schedule

NYC 7/3-7/12
North Jersey 7/13-7/16
South Jersey 7/17-7/22
7/24-8/24 Northern California (San Francisco, Sacramento, and surrounding areas)
Labor Day Weekend ‘23 Las Vegas Oasis 
Moving home base to CO Aug/Sept ‘23


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