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BoundBDSM originally started in the UK, founded by a small group of like minded individuals who had grown tired of not being able to find a place to meet and speak to people in the BDSM lifestyle.

Who wanted to end the practice of companies charging huge mark-ups on BDSM toys and equipment. The aim was to make BDSM fun, affordable and available……..BDSM by BDSM people for BDSM people.


Our Discord server aims to educate, entertain and generally provide a safe space to explore kink and chat with like minded people.

Late in 2022 we found we had as many members in the US and Canada as we had in the UK, we then decided to team up with Miss Isabella Dollish who would lead our US community on Discord and provide our services in North America.


BoundBDSM is BDSM by BDSM people for BDSM people, welcome to our community!


During 2023 our aims are:


Open a shop facility to our US offerings to sit alongside the services Ms Dollish will provide.


Launch a members area with even more content

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