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Priestess Payne | Group Play

What you will experience!

I accept clients regardless of what type of submissive they identify as. I love my painsluts, and masochists, finsubs, pets, slaves, babyboys/babygirls, as well as sissy maids, and those who like to be feminized, (as I particularly enjoy men who can securely embrace the feminine qualities within them, that goes just as much for masculine men as it does to ), and much more. However, I also accept those who fit into multiple categories, OR who don't quite know where they fit in, or who's are new to the lifestyle. I accept clients from the experienced to beginner. I offer a wide array of fantasy roleplay, power exchange experiences; from the hardcore brutality and extreme treatment of the Goddess...(or should I say the Priestess of Pain ?), the strict discipline & firm hand (and cane) of the Governess, the demanding exploits of the Queen who's sissy maid takes pain while he cleans, to the terror and twisted experiments of a Sadistic Nurse or Mad Scientist. I love to roleplay as a Gender reversed 1950s household Domme & sub.

  • 185 British pounds
  • Online
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