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Oasis in Las Vegas - Meeting Miss Isabella Dollish in person

This adventure of a lifetime for me happened because of a suggestion by my wonderful Dominant, Mistress Star.

At this point, I have been owned by her for over 7 months and she has carefully crafted my kink evolution, from a fearful chastity sub to a protocoled service slave, while guiding me to experiment new things (some I did enjoy, others I didn’t). Mistress Star is teaching me how to understand my kinks, and what I need to work on. While I initially don’t always understand her ways, Mistress Star always has a plan for me, and she has been right all along, so I have come to trust that her intentions are to help me be a better and happier submissive.

Mistress Star confided in me that she felt I needed some real, in person submission, and since we don’t live on the same continent, she suggested that I check Miss Bella’s schedule, and see if there was a way to meet with her as she travels closer to my area. I found what was to me a great occasion, to meet up with her in a place that I’ve always dreamed to visit, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Miss Bella would be there Labor Day weekend, for the Oasis spanking party, and she graciously agreed to not only see me for a session, but to hold my hands at a Spanko event. (Oasis is a worldwide gathering of spanking enthusiasts that happens twice a year, in February and September, participants call themselves « spankos ».)

We quickly negotiated the conditions, and to my surprise, Miss Bella asked me if I would consent to be part of her live event at Oasis, I of course jumped on the occasion. We chatted back and forth about my likes, dislikes and limits, and this was an eye opener for me as both Mistresses made me realize that I didn’t really know how to explain and communicate effectively on those subjects.

I arrived in Vegas the day before the live BoundBDSM event and had no problem checking in and settle in. I was very nervous, and I did not know how to act with Miss Bella. I was to meet her as she arrived at the hotel on the day of the live event, we would take care of her luggage, then set up in my suite for the live event. She put me at ease as soon as she arrived with her friend Cowboy, gave me a big hug which settled my nerves. We were Isabella and Dan in public, Miss Bella and bondage in private. Somehow, all through the weekend, Miss Bella had this extremely uncanny ability to ask me things in a tone that felt to this slave like orders, but must have felt totally normal to others. This really fed my submissive hunger all weekend.

Some of you saw the live event, and it is available as a replay in the subscription area if you missed it. I encourage everyone to watch it, to see Miss Bella’s expert skills in using this opportunity to teach the community about limits and demonstrate her spanking skills while explaining the basics of impact play. She had explained everything that would happen during the event, and gave me time to refuse or to consent, which made me relax a bit, but I was still petrified. In the end, everything that happened to me during the event was as agreed.

What I did not expect is how important she would make me feel, and at the same time how much she knew how to push my submissive buttons. I experienced then and there my first ever real subspace experience, intense enough that I became unable to count the spanks aloud. My virgin ass quickly became red with marks, and before I knew it, it was over. Miss Bella and I had agreed in our negotiations that aftercare would involve having dinner at the hotel which in retrospect helped a lot.

The hotel where the event was held is a campus made of several buildings holding the suites, and one main building where the Casino, restaurants, pubs, and meeting rooms are. One such building was 100% booked for Oasis, this is where play suites were located, so spankos could safely play in a private space. That is where the action happened at the end of each day. As a novice, I was floored by the camaraderie, the openness and respect that was exhibited by the participants. I probably saw more butts in my first night in these play suites, than i have seen in my whole life to this date.

Miss Bella encouraged me to attend these play suites and she was right to do so, since it helped me practice my social skills, and made me realize how beautiful it is to experience kink in a free, safe, and private space with a community where members love and respect each other. It was so beautiful and pure that I found myself, on a few occasions, emotional, eyes full of tears, having just found out what in-person play is all about.

Miss Bella is truly in her element at Oasis, she knows everyone, and people look up to her. Despite this, whenever we happened to be at the same place over that weekend, she made me feel like a million bucks, like i was one of her friends. This was beyond what I thought I deserved but shows how generous she is. I could tell she made a lot of other people feel the same way.

The event was very well organized, featured training sessions and play activities like speed dating, British detention, boys and bois. That last one is where all the bottoms were males or people who identified as males, Miss Bella was a Top for that one. There was a line of bottoms wanting to be spanked by her, i felt like shouting to all of them how she had popped my spanking cherry on Thursday night just to make them feel jealous. The best event of the week for me was Roleplay Roulette, a costumed event where Miss Bella, dressed as a nun with red devil wings, playing a bottom this time, was there to « hold the hands » of a cyclist bondage. Turns out that Tops don’t take kindly to cycling shorts with padding and gave me extras to punish me. The Oasis party is a great place to learn about spanking, whether you’re a Top or a bottom, and is geared towards networking, sharing of techniques, discussing toys and demonstrating their use. People genuinely have a good time and it’s beautiful to witness.

Miss Bella and I had made a date for late Saturday night, after the banquet, for my private session. By that time, I knew that my butt was bruised and could not take much more, but I was determined to fight through the pain and take it. Turns out it wasn’t my decision, Miss Bella quickly switched to a plan B, which, it turns out, involved my favorite, bondage, and some light spanking on the thighs. I went to subspace again, and again, and again. It was heaven. We had agreed that she would take pictures during the session, using my phone, so that we could have a few to send Mistress Star. I wanted a souvenir from Miss Bella but never gathered the courage to ask. To my surprise, when I looked at the pictures, she had left me some great selfies of our session. I will cherish them forever.

Sunday was a lighter day, culminating in a private pool party, which was fun, but I was starting to feel the effects of subdrop and party drop. That weekend was over, turns out it was 10 times better than could have ever imagined, and i did not want it to end.

What I found out about spanking and me is that spanking in itself does not arouse me that much, especially when done by someone I have no history with. But when done by the right person, under the proper dynamic, it can be wonderful, for example it greatly amplifies the feeling of being helpless when restrained, and so I want to keep exploring that.

I am a very lucky slave, my lacking social skills prevented me from properly expressing my desires, yet these two extraordinary Mistresses teamed up to discover what I’m all about and gave me a taste of heaven. I still have a lump in my throat when I think back about the kindness that they showed this slave and how happy they made me feel. You know what? Mistress Star was right all along to suggest this. I cannot wait to find out what’s next for slave bondage.

I almost forgot! Las Vegas is just as extravagant as advertised!


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