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i was lost, becalmed, my submissive side had been stagnating for years, post Covid Fetlife seemed to stop working for me and many others i guess, so with a little trepidation i joined the Boundbdsm server where i met Miss Bella and after a rather wonderful chat i agreed to become her chastity slave/sissy.

i was caged live on the server on Friday the 11th of august, it was such an honour to everyone watching that i was now owned by Miss Bella, despite a few nervous fumbles with a rather fiddly new cage! It was such a wonderful night.

Since joining Miss Bella she has been so supportive and encouraging to help me on my journey , eating and exercising better so i can be the best sissy i can possibly be to serve her well.

i was renamed pleasure doll by Miss Bella as it reflects my service oriented nature and my desire to submit and to serve my Mistress. i am her’s truly, her little plaything, her doll to dress up and play with whenever she desires and i truly hope that will be for a long time.

I would encourage anyone who wants to sign up with Miss Bella to visit her here

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