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My Dominant likes to use clingfilm for an underlayer, completely covering me in it ensures Duct tape used on the outer layer does not remove my body hair when i am released. Once I am covered from head to toe in cling film with just a breathing hole left for me she starts the process of encasing me in Duct tape. Initially she wraps around my upper body and arms, my hands have already been placed in a paid of leather mittens so the tape literally pulls my arms to my side making movement from shoulder, wrist or elbow impossible. With the body wrapped she then uses Bondage tape around my head, she prefers this as it is a little more flexible and easier to take off. Finally I fall onto the bed and she covers my legs and feet, the end result being that every part of me is covered in a fairly rigid duct tape encasement with only my nose left free so i can breath.

What is it like to be mummified physically?

It is quiet - I can hear some noise but it is generally muffled

It is dark - Completely dark

I cannot move - I seriously cannot move very much at all, depending on exactly how tightly she has wrapped me i can usually get very limited movement in my fingers and toes but that really is it

It is warm - i never feel hot although with all the cling film you do sweat a lot but i certainly have never felt cold, comfortably warm is how i would describe the feeling

What is it like to be mummified in terms of feeling and emotions?

I go through several phases

Firstly I tend to have a testing phase once i am left alone, can i move fingers and toes etc

Secondly, once i know i have very little movement there is often a sort of slight panic, the realisation of just how helpless i am kicks in and can be a little frightening. This passes once i realise i am comfortable and i can breath perfectly normally

When left alone i tend to drop into a very relaxed state, i am essentially just laying down and cannot move, my body relaxes and my mind follows, time passes although i quickly lose track of this, often i think i have been in 1 hour when in reality 3 hours have passed

When Interacted with I tend to find sensations are heightened, i cannot escape any physical act so its impact becomes intensified which in turn intensifies the feeling of being helpless. I also find the rigidity of the tape allows sensations to travel the length of my body

Overall i truly enjoy mummification, it is a lot of work for a Dominant but from a sub perspective if you can get past the initial terror or having no escape it is generally quite relaxing. Afterwards, as you might expect, i am very sensitive to light and heat / cold and feel disorientated but even this is not unpleasant, more a nice relaxed form of subspace which you slowly emerge from.


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