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Dollar Store Domination

Join us on Friday, June 7 @10pm GMT invite you to...Dollar Store Domination with The Rabbi

Domme's legs fishnet

Kink on a budget???

It’s been said that with enough imagination (and lube), anything can be a sex toy. Kink must be consensual but must not be costly. Creativity is king, and you can give a beautiful beating on a budget. This class will help you get more bang for your buck by using over 101 items found at your neighborhood dollar store! This class is excellent for beginner and veteran cent-saving sadists and will cover several types of play, creativity with pervertibles, DIY, safety, and more.

Born to kink on International Sex Day, June 9th or 6/9 for short, The Rabbi (he/him) is a cisgender, ambimorous, gynesexual, sadistic bratty daddy-dom. He has been called the "Prince of the Pervertables," "The Pied Piper of Brats," and "The Carrot Top of Kink."

...And yes, he really is a Rabbi.


To LISTEN or JOIN in click the link below to join us on our Discord server for clever and creative ways to "get your kink on" without breaking the bank. Discord


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