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1 Month in Chastity with Miss Bella by Dreamweaver dolly

​How have things developed and changed in the past month? Well take a seat and buckle up buttercup!

​Before I go into fun kinky stuff, there is some house keeping to be done, and something I feel really needs to be explained about just how fantastic Miss Bella actually is. It’s not all plain sailing discovering oneself in the world of BDSM, you start off with an idea of what you’re about, and then something comes up and just pushes your buttons. The next thing you’re off down a rabbit hole of discovery doing things you’d never thought you would. It’s weird, I’m forty-four years old and yet this past month I’ve had the emotional rollercoaster similar to that of a teenager going through puberty. There have been highs where I’ve been on top of the world and lows that have had my partner and I distraught. My beautiful partner is amazing and has been so supportive all the way through and although she is in the scene, we do share some kinks but others not so much. Our relationship is very strong and we love each other dearly and have done our best to communicate our feelings but sometimes it’s been really tough. We keep working hard at our relationship and our love grows but at times we’ve both needed someone to turn to. Without hesitation Miss Bella has been there for us both to hold our hands and talk us through things. Far above and beyond what I have paid for, this amazing woman has spent time with myself and my partner to talk us through what is happening and provided us with that external voice of guidance that sometimes is so desperately needed. It cannot be said loud enough just how valuable and how grateful we are to Miss Bella for making time to care for her slaves and their loved ones.

​As the contract was agreed to go another month with Miss Bella, there was a name change. Miss Bella demands that her chastity slaves are represented by having specific names. Her trademark lollipops adorn my name in most social media where one engages in kink and I was made to put the word ‘dolly’ in my name. Honestly, I felt a little uncomfortable at first as it felt a little humiliating but then……..well I changed somewhat. It’s no secret I’m new to this world and exploring myself. Then all of a sudden, those lollipops and the name dolly, they were mine! My badge of ownership I wore to shout to the world that I belong to Miss Bella! I became insanely proud of my new name and to show off the fact I was owned! I think initially my perceptions assumed this was supposed to be a degrading thing, a humiliation if you will, but now I understand that isn’t the case. The feeling of being owned as a chastity slave and your Mistress displaying her ownership of you feels fantastic. All of a sudden I got it and the fact I was being proudly displayed as part of Miss Bella’s stable/dollhouse was something that became deeply satisfying to me. dolly was born! dolly (with only lowercase letters as capitals are above a chastity slave) is now the name I proudly use and when I go to events with my partner, I am dolly. Alongside the name came the feeling of pride and responsibility of representing my owner wherever I go as dolly.

​And so it began due to circumstance, my nine-day trial lockup extended to seventeen days before dolly was allowed freedom. Details aside it was God. Damn. Amazing! To have been incarcerated for that long and then have a day of pleasure was just the absolute best. Reporting back to Miss Bella at our next meeting had dolly smiling from ear to ear. Soon enough dolly was safely locked away again………..yeah that’s a thing. Being unlocked and free is great but the desire to put the cage back on is real. Once Miss Bella’s property has been used and done its thing, dolly can’t wait to be ‘safely’ locked away again. Some form of Chastity Stockholm Syndrome perhaps? Who knows but dolly loves to wear a cage!

​Let’s talk about tasks. One of the products of being locked away in chastity is the excess energy you get from the constant frustration and denial. To do things properly one must be exposed to things that arouse and excite you, make the cage feel small, feel your balls, sorry your Owners balls turn blue as you pathetically strain in your bondage. Let your partner tease you if you have one. Get on the BoundBDSM discord where the chastity slaves have orders to be edged and frustrated much to the joy of the residents of the server. All this builds up an excess energy and what are you gonna do about it? You probably are banned from climaxing whilst in chastity so are you going to get into trouble or are you going to be a good doll for Miss Bella and get on with your tasks?

Of course, you’re going to do your tasks. Good doll! ​Since being Miss Bella’s property she has given dolly a number of tasks, some of them ongoing. These tasks are individually tailored by Miss Bella to help one explore and discover themselves. So far dolly has a number of tasks related to self-discovery and health. Health wise, Miss Bella likes her dolls to become the best they can be. Since dolly has been with Miss Bella thirty-three pounds have been lost as a task to have regular walks has been added. dolly has numerous tasks around pleasing its partner both in the bedroom, around the house, and when we’re out. Such things as holding hands when we are out and not having the phone out at the dinner table are habit forming. The tasks become second nature after a while so aren’t really tasks at all. Miss Bella also asked dolly to write about its wildest kink fantasies. After realising dolly has a Very active imagination, dolly then got to write about actual kink fantasies that could happen in the real world. This was a great exercise as dolly is new to the scene and helped to flesh out what sort of things might be cool to experience in a session. Adding to this dolly’s wildest fantasies are now being written about more regularly and forming a series of content for Miss Bella. It turns out that apparently this slave has a knack for smutty writing!

There are other tasks, as well, relating to dollys work and lifestyle. Each designed to either push dolly in the right direction in self-growth or kink discovery. dolly is interested in dressing up and has purchased a maid’s outfit and some other femme clothing under the guidance of Miss Bella. She gives fashion tips and encouragement and has me dress for her when we meet.

One of the things I decided I was going to do, before becoming dolly, was when I went into this I was going in with my eyes wide open. Fully accepting and deciding that anything that sounded even remotely fun I would volunteer to do. Since I became dolly there have been live events on the BoundBDSM discord I have attended. dolly has attended the chastity meetings of the formidable Mistress Star and has been used as a tool to punish her slaves. dolly has been used for an erotic hypnosis session which may be shown on the BoundBDSM discord at some point as well and also dolly is a keen kinky role-player on the same discord.

To add to all of this there have been expeditions to a few munches local to my partner and also to the large monthly event in Birmingham, the BBB. A large market with events held monthly. In the day time the place is a market and the month we went it had a Viking theme and promotes fancy dress. Miss Bella instructed dolly to accompany its partner and be dressed as she pleased for the event. So dolly was a Viking for the daytime section. For the evening, we were invited to a private club by some friends and there was a surprise waiting. dolly was dressed as a sissy maid for the evening in a black pvc dress, white stockings and four-inch heels and was walked around the club before two friends of dolly’s partner had dolly undress and introduced it to electro play. At one point dollys partner joined in.

So, my friends let me answer a question that may have been on your mind as you’re reading the testimonials of a chastity slave. You’re clearly interested as you’ve made it this far. The thought of locking yourself up may be appealing for a number of reasons all of which are good and valid. Whatever those reasons, I implore you to find yourself a good key holder. There are two fantastic ones at BoundBDSM and a whole community of us willing to help you along with any questions and worries you may have. This is all good. Yes, you will be teased and edged and tortured and if you misbehave punished. Yes, you will experience denial and you will pass ownership of your cock over to someone who probably has a much better idea of how to treat it than you do yourself.

You will become a better person.

You will discover things about yourself maybe you didn’t know were there.

You will probably at some point get to experience the most powerful orgasms you’ve ever felt.

Since I got locked, I’ve had the best sex of my life and have never been so sexually active. Hell, I ended up on a bed dressed mostly naked being played with by three beautiful women. (Experiences may vary!)

All of this has happened to me because I explored chastity. It’s a heck of a ride! Sometimes scary, but worth every single second. I know I’m incredibly lucky to have a fantastic partner and I also have an amazing Mistress whom I call Miss Bella. She is an outstanding, beautiful, and exceptional woman who I thank every day for being my owner.

​My advice to you. Join the BoundBDSM discord, come and meet us, stick a cage on it and get on the ride. Because it’s an absolute blast!

​Did I purchase more time to be Miss Bella slave. You bet your ass I did!

This Slave is called dreamweaver dolly and Miss Bella is its owner.


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