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Want to experience being in service to a Mistress on an ongoing basis?......Step beyond play sessions into a true BDSM experience.

You might be a crossdresser or a prissy sissy 

You might need to be locked in chastity and denied over a extended period of time

Or, you may just need to serve a truly Dominant woman, existing under her rules, completing her tasks and passing control of your BDSM growth to her to do as she will.

My slaves serve me on my Discord server, we meet every week, they are set personal tasks based on their kinks and the direction I wish them to develop in as well as administrative tasks where they help me run my services and events. Serving me in an ongoing capacity means truly serving me, my expectations, my rules and your obedience. I am strict and demanding, this form of service is real and not for those who approach BDSM as a game.

Individual and group approaches available, use the buttons below to find out more 

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