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I am Ms. S.

I am a pro Domme that specializes in ABDL, age regression, and age play! I currently run a 24/7 in-person daycare for littles, pets, and age players in the Seattle metropolitan area of Washington state.

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"Let me tell you how much of a baby you are."

Hello! My name is Ash or Ms. S. I’ve been in the lifestyle for 6 years. I’ve been a Mommy Domme for 4 years and was a little/submissive for 2 years before I found my Mommy side! Starting out as a little myself has given me the upper hand on knowing what a little may really want. 

I offer 24/7 daycare and babysitting for littles, middles, ABDLs and regressors in King County of Washington state. My space is incredibly immersive, with multiple rooms dedicated to providing this service 😁. My services range from G-Rated pure regression to kinky diaper humiliation! If you have a scenario you’re looking for, I can make it happen! Currently I have some items such as:

  • Ball pit

  • Adult playpen crib

  • Adult rocking horse

  • Adult high chair

  • Multiple diaper changing areas

  • Petplay cage

  • Many, many, many toys

  • Impact tools

  • Pacifier gags

  • Restraints

  • ....and so much more!

I offer online babysitting services too for those that are not local. That can look like a video call, roleplay texting, or even just having a Mommy Domme there to chat with, check in with you, and make sure you’re wearing diapers throughout the week! It could include texting, video calls, and “Mommy support”! Roleplay a scenario with me, send me pictures of your cutest onesies, or just have a caring Mommy Domme to reach out to throughout the week! 


You could even upgrade to the Gold Tier for BoundHubs and be my baby slave on the server!


My space is 100% nonsexual, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC welcoming, neurodivergent friendly, trauma informed, and inclusive of all body sizes, and little ages!

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Want to book a time with Ms. S?

Let me put you in your place as a Mommy Domme, Caregiver, Sadist, or Brat Handler. You'll be good for me...

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