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I am d20domme.

I am a 24/7 lifestyle Queer Queen with 20 years of BDSM experience. Finding kink at as a young adult was a blessing and has allowed me to devote my time to honing my craft and educating others.

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"Welcome to your new"

My style of ‘kink’ is like rolling a 20-sided die. Hence the geeky name. It’s spontaneous, tactile, theatrical, physical, usually loud, and erotically intimate depending on who you are. I learned very early on that if I asked even not-so-nicely, I still was able to lure willing under my heel. 

I love roleplaying and organic but deep conversations of the naughty nature fuel me. I am a FemDaddy, a Queen, a Seductress, and a Fembot. I find it hard to explain fully what roleplaying means to me but I have yet to tire of turning fantasy ideas into raw realities that will leave you wanting more; the stranger the better! My scenes can vary, from off-the-cuff and playful, to High Protocol fetish formal. I love to push my own limits in new ways while using humans as my kinky cast.


As a certified Hypnotherapist, I have taken focus on Erotic Hypnosis and ASMR in recent years. I can be extremely personally attentive, militaristically strict, or something in between. Either way I will focus on edging you to emotional ecstasy and physical pliability - using just my voice!

As a kinky, jet-setting, plus size, pint-height, polyandrous, Black Femdom. I know what I want and will use my craft in mindfuckery and persuasive tongue to get it. In my evolution into my 24/7 FLR lifestyle I often equate my 20 year journey into kink as ‘falling down the rabbit hole’ and constantly enjoy presenting kinky workshops and being taught new things among kinksters around the globe.


You can read all about my journey From Mundane to Mistress on my nearly 20 year long memoir blog. Are you ready to fall down my rabbit hole...?

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Want to book a hypno session with me?

My professional hypnotherapy background allows me to take most people deeper than they realized they could go. I will learn your true desires, analyze them, and then use them with care to get you under my sexy spell.

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